Amazon launches high-end Voyage e-reader, plus refreshed Kindle

Amazon launched two new e-readers Wednesday night. The high-end $199 Voyage device is the company's thinnest and features a new way to turn pages. Meanwhile, its refreshed Kindle comes with a 20 percent faster processor, 4GB of storage, and a $79 price tag.


Verizon plans on supporting Wi-Fi calling by mid-2015

Potentially useful for Verizon customers that have upgraded to the new iPhone, the wireless carrier plans on slowly rolling out nationwide support for Wi-Fi calls by the middle of next year.


Amazon announces $99 Kindle Fire HD, $149 kid-proof model

With multiple new tablets in the Kindle Fire HD line, Amazon is targeting multiple types of consumers including, but not limited to, budget-minded shoppers, parents of young children and office die-hards.


Competent but unimaginative, Toyota's in-car infotainment, Entune delivers just enough to be competitive

Toyota's Entune infotainment system doesn't set its sights too high but, because of that, it also doesn't crash and burn. Instead, Entune offers a competent and easy to use, if…

  • Pros: Key features are easily accessible , High quality optional…
  • Cons: Unresponsive and balky standard 6.1-inch touchscreen…

All your burning questions about Neil Young’s PonoPlayer, answered

Will it work with iTunes? Do the files have DRM? How big is it? As the PonoPlayer nears release, we put your most burning questions to Rick Cohen, Chief Operating Officer at Pono


Pioneer’s new Elite Blu-ray players are aimed squarely at audiophiles

Pioneer announced last week that it's set to release two new reference Blu-ray players under its famed Elite line of electronics. The flagship BDP-88FD player and the step-down BDP-85FD will be the first Elite Blu-ray players released by Pioneer in five years.

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Honda officially reveals 2015 Civic, offers special edition sedan

Honda unveiled the tenth-generation Civic on September 16th, and although it’s mostly unchanged from 2014’s version, there are improvements. One such advancement is a new, special edition SE sedan, and it features automatic climate control, Display Audio…


iOS 8 adds features so subtle, there’s a new app to make sure you see them

We review the final version of iOS 8, Apple’s newest operating system for iPad and iPhone. How does it stack up? Find out here.


Recipe kit delivery startup HelloFresh now delivers to the entire US

After locking down a massive series D funding round back in June, HelloFresh has expanded its service to include every city in the contiguous United States -- making it the first startup of its kind to do so.


No Internet? No problem. Cosmos for Android displays sites over SMS texting

The Cosmos Browser for Android isn't your run-of-the-mill browser; it lets you surf the web without the need for an Internet connection. According to the app's developer, a release is due in under a month.


Apple TV lands revamped UI, Beats Music app, and new sharing features

While users will have to wait patiently for the much anticipated new Apple TV, Apple brought out some new tricks for its third-gen device along with today's release of iOS 8. New features include a Beats Music app, new sharing options, and a revamped UI.

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Hyrule Warriors review

Gorgeously rendered, tactile action in colorful arenas spread across a rarely ruffled series, Hyrule Warriors breaks free of the Zelda series' sanctity.

  • Pros: Overflowing with action across lengthy story and mission…
  • Cons: Dynasty Warriors purists may be turned off by the lower…

NHL 2K revealed for Android and iOS, hockey goes mobile

A mobile version of NHL 2K will hit the App Store and Google Play this fall, developed jointly by 2K's studio Visual Concepts and Virtuos Games for iOS and Android devices.


Amazon listing accidentally reveals new Kindle “Voyage,” could launch on November 4

According to a few eagle-eyed searchers, Amazon accidentally slipped listings for a Kindle "Voyage," which could be the successor to the Kindle Paperwhite. Based on the listings, it has a November 4 launch date.


AirVR puts an entire iPad Mini in front of your eyes for immersive virtual reality

The latest virtual reality-themed Kickstarter project is the AirVR, which is a headset that uses the iPad Mini or iPhone 6 Plus to create a digital 3D realm in front of your eyes.