Oyster ebook service lands on desktop and mobile browsers

'Netflix for novels' ebook service Oyster on Thursday launched a new web reader for desktop and mobile browsers. The company said its aim was to design a reading experience that feels "fast, fluid, and native to the web."


ZTE talks up the Nexus-like Blade Vec 4G, teases Grand Band fitness wearable

ZTE has provided more details about the Blade Vec 4G, its first phone to come with the Google Now Launcher pre-installed. It was launched alongside a revised Grand S2 smartphone, and news of the Grand Band fitness wristband.


Sony invented augmented reality 15 years ago – and had no idea what to do with it

Meet the blue-sky guys. Most major technology companies have major R&D arms for “blue-sky” research: deep theoretical science and wild new creations. Microsoft Research – 1,100 strong in labs all around the globe – built a mood-sensing “smart…

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Google X project aims to define the perfect ‘healthy human’ via in-depth scientific study

The latest project to emerge from the Google X lab centers on health, and is ambitious even by Google's standards. The aim of the long-term study is to collect and process a mass of genetic and molecular data in order to define the perfect 'healthy human'.

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Lenovo’s K920 could be an all-metal, 1440p smartphone to worry the LG G3

Lenovo has an event planned for August 5, where it may launch the new K920 smartphone, believed to be equipped with an LG G3-troubling, 6-inch 1440p screen, all wrapped up in a metal body.


Instagram (possibly) teases its new photo messaging app, ‘Bolt’

Could Instagram be on the verge of launching a new Snapchat-like messaging app called Bolt? If a banner ad that appeared briefly on the media-sharing app this week is anything to go by, quite possibly.


In the future, screens may correct your eyesight problems, not glasses

Scientists are developing a special screen which could correct vision problems without the need for the viewer to wear glasses, and a prototype version could be just a few years away.


Aston Martin confirms limited-edition Lagonda super sedan

Following years of rumors, Aston Martin confirmed a new Lagonda sedan. Reviving a name last used in the 1970s, the new Lagonda will be a limited-edition in the vein of the One-77 hypercar.


Maingear Torq review

Maingear's futuristic-looking Torq looks like a prop from a sci-fi movie, is heavy and powerful, and is the most expensive desktop Digital Trends has ever reviewed.

  • Pros: Tiny, futuristic-looking enclosure, Great connectivity for…
  • Cons: High-end configurations are very expensive, Full liquid…

Destiny beta now open to all, no code required

Bungie opens up the Destiny beta to all players, removing the need to have a download code. The beta is set to end on July 27, so get in time while you can.


A quick way to lose 2 hours of your life: Ferrari’s 458 Spider online configurator is live

The Ferrari 458 Spider is one of the most desirable cars around, and that's partially because most people can't afford to put one in their driveway. At least Ferrari has an online configurator for those dreamers.


Google may purchase Twitch for $1 billion

Google will purchase streaming video network Twitch for $1 billion, according to a GamesBeat report. Unknown is when the deal will be announced or for exactly how much. Google and Twitch have yet to comment on the report.


In GE’s first ‘microfactory,’ anyone can turn an idea into a 3D-printed product

GE opened up its FirstBuild microfactory to all inventors, engineers, and creators in late July. The factory plans to produce several interesting appliances that were designed and imagined by the online community.


Lenovo has its very own Google Glass competitor, too

Lenovo announced that it has partnered with tech firm Vuzix to launch the M100 Smart Glasses in China. The wearable will go on sale this September for 8000 Yuan ($1,291), with specifications rivaling that of Google Glass.


Spotlight in OS X Yosemite: How to make the most of Apple’s new desktop gem

Spotlight, the desktop search utility in OS X, has received a significant update in Yosemite. In addition to its traditional features, Spotlight now offers Web-based results and a centered desktop search window that provides detailed information on whatever…