Good news, Aliens: NASA’s MRV is bringing sideways performance to a planet near you

NASA’s Modular Robotic Vehicle, or MRV, is a battery-electric people-carrier designed for transport on other planets. The agency has released a test video of the MRV, which shows off the vehicle’s lateral driving prowess.


Looking for something good to watch? Check out Hot Fuzz and four more films to stream

How are you going to get through this week? By pulling up your favorite streaming service and queueing the finest films and TV shows available now. Up this week: Hot Fuzz, Goodbye to Language, and more.

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One gamer has made an OnLive alternative in preparation for its end

Larry Gadea, an OnLive gamer, posted a blog update on April 12 detailing how to create your own gaming cloud service. This comes on the heels of OnLive's announcement that it will be ending its service on April 30.


Bing now powers 1 in 5 desktop searches in the US

Which search engine are you using these days? Google might have the upper hand in terms of global statistics, but Microsoft's Bing is starting to make significant inroads in the United States.


WhatsApp hits 800m active users, could top a billion by year’s end

Messaging app WhatsApp is now used by 800 million people globally, founder Jan Koum said Friday. At its current growth rate, the Facebook-owned cross-platform service looks set to top a billion users by year's end.

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This $5,600 coffee maker is as close as you can get to a barista in a box

If you love coffee more than your kid’s college fund, then the Jura GIGA 5, which makes a delicious cup of Joe, is worthwhile investment.

  • Pros: Barista setting lets you step up your coffee game , Makes…
  • Cons: Expensive , Requires a lot of maintenance

Spotify adverts now know the mood of your playlists

Spotify is giving brands the ability to target their advertising based on the mood or genre of the playlist you're currently listening to. The change goes live from the start of May.


The first Batman v. Superman teaser is now officially out in HD

The caped crusader faces off against the man of steel, and this time it's official. Check out the first official teaser trailer from Warner Bros. for the 2016 DC Comics blockbuster.

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Keep your family data-happy with Walmart Family Mobile’s updated plans

For families not too keen on using too much data on a monthly basis, T-Mobile announced it would increase the data caps for Walmart Family mobile plans. The changes go into effect tomorrow, April 18.


Star Wars Battlefront gets a reveal trailer and release date

In addition to the much-hyped Star Wars Episode VII trailer that debuted this past week at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California, EA and DICE also took the opportunity to share the first trailer for Star Wars Battlefront.


Cheap, slim and capable, Asus' latest Zenbook is just shy of portable perfection

The Zenbook UX305 is the latest cutting-edge ultrabook from Asus. It reinforces the brand’s affordable appeal, but can it defeat heavyweights like the Dell XPS 13 and Samsung…

  • Pros: Featherweight and super slim , Outstanding keyboard , High…
  • Cons: Modest performance , Battery life could be better , Runs hot…

Trends with Benefits: Talking robochefs, VR with the man behind The Manual

Six percent of Americans want Apple Watches, Dan wants bio implants, Greg wants VR, Nick wants a robot chef, and Cator wants a glass of Scotch. No one gets what they want, this week on Trends with Benefits.


Does Sony want to make a Super Smash Bros. movie?

Among the most recent batch of leaked Sony communications, this time shared by WikiLeaks, were a number of e-mails suggesting that Sony Pictures has aspired to develop a movie based on Super Smash Bros.


This little machine can clean your clothes with 10 liters of water and no power

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint but don't want to give up your clean clothes? The Drumi, from Yirego, is a foot-powered washing machine that requires no electricity and only 10 liters of water per wash.


You’ve got until April 20 to get the Alcatel Idol 3 for $200 on Amazon

Alcatel is one of the first out of the gate with a MWC product launch, showing off a smartphone that will be its first worldwide launch. Find out all the details we have on the OneTouch Idol 3.