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Netflix looking for ‘official Instagrammers’ for paid travel gig

Netflix is offering Instagram users paid-for travel and $4,000 in exchange for some awesome photo content. The company is looking for three so-called 'Grammasters' for the two-week gig, and interested folk have until October 7 to put their name forward.


These sensor-studded socks will teach you the perfect stride

Sensoria wants to bring high-tech sensors to fitness gear. Now, the company has added a pair of smart socks to its line up of fitness apparel, which already includes a shirt and sports bra.


Apple Watch won’t hit mass production till January, report claims

Apple looks like it may have a tough time getting its new smartwatch into stores by "early" 2015, with a report Tuesday suggesting mass production of the device won't begin until January, two months later than some observers had been expecting.


Reddit raises $50m in funding round, plans to share some of it with its users

Social news site Reddit has raised around $50 million in its latest funding round in an unusual deal that looks set to see investors give 10 percent of their new equity to the site's vibrant user community.

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HTC’s rumored One M8 Eye camera phone leaked in promo image (Updated)

HTC will hold an event on October 8, but hasn't given anything away about what it'll reveal. The latest rumors point to two devices being launched, one with a great rear camera, and the other with a special front camera.


Galaxy Note 4’s #GapGate problem is a ‘manufacturing feature’ (Updated)

Reports from Korea, where the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 recently went on sale, are highlighting a possible build quality issue with the large device, where the screen does not meet the edge of the casing.


A new challenger appears: Firefox-powered ‘Matchstick’ aims to take a shot at Chromecast

Chromecast's crusade for dongle domination might have a pesky new obstacle to contend with. The Firefox OS-powered dongle, dubbed "Matchstick," could end up bringing significant new competition to the streaming market.

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Years after burning loyal PC users, Microsoft asks forgiveness with Windows 10

Geeks despised almost everything about Windows 8. Microsoft, it seemed, had forsaken them in a misguided attempt to compete with tablets. Now, however, the company has reversed course, and Windows 10 may bring desktop enthusiasts back into the fold.


Pebble smartwartch now priced at $100, update includes activity and sleep tracking

Pebble announced that the original Pebble smartwatch will now cost $100. In addition, Pebble detailed firmware update 2.6, which throws in sleep and activity tracking.


Four hackers charged with stealing $100m worth of U.S. Army and Xbox technology

The US Department of Justice has charged four hackers with stealing over $100 million worth of intellectual property and proprietary data related to Xbox and the US Army.


Watch Ryan Reynolds get shot repeatedly in A Million Ways To Die In The West

A clip from the bonus features of Seth MacFarlane's A Million Ways To Die In The West features Ryan Reynolds getting shot repeatedly by Liam Neeson.


Thanks to Tusk, Kevin Smith has the financing to make Clerks 3

His recent horror movie Tusk enabled director Kevin Smith to find financing for the third film in the franchise that gave him his start, Clerks.