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ATI Shows Commitment To Mac Lineup

From ATI’s press release:

Offering powerful performance improvements to the Mac lineup, these new graphics options, which include the MOBILITY RADEON 9700 and the RADEON 9200, provide Mac users with the high-end graphics experience they expect from ATI and Apple.

Continuing ATI’s leadership in the mobile sector, the 15- and 17-inch PowerBook G4 notebooks will feature the new MOBILITY RADEON 9700, the world’s fastest mobile graphics processing unit. ATI’s MOBILITY RADEON 9700 uses Low-k process technology to reduce the strain on battery life and at the same time provide accelerated performance. The MOBILITY RADEON 9700 sets a new standard for processing power in a notebook, which enables users to perform a wide range of graphics functions, ranging from gaming, to digital video editing.

“With the introduction of the MOBILITY RADEON 9700, notebook performance no longer takes a backseat behind desktop products,” said Phil Eisler, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Integrated Products, ATI. “By addressing the two key issues for notebook users, performance and power consumption, the MOBILITY RADEON 9700 demonstrates ATI’s commitment to user’s needs.”
The overwhelmingly successful eMac, geared to educational customers and consumers, will now be powered by the RADEON 9200, enabling first class graphics at a low, entry-level price. With a quad pipe architecture, eMac users will enjoy compelling 3D content and gaming.

”Apple continues to lead the industry with innovation, design and customer experience; including industry-leading graphics,” said Greg Joswiak, Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, Apple. “We chose high-quality graphics processors from ATI for new eMacs, iBooks and PowerBooks to continue with our tradition of offering the ultimate in graphics experience to Apple customers.”