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RCA Ships Scenium Digital Cable Ready HDTVs

As professional football prepares to kick off an expanded season of high-definition broadcasts, HDTV home entertainment grows in both excitement and convenience next week with the first retailavailability of a new line of 14 RCA Digital Cable Ready HDTV models that feature both an Integrated ATSC Tuner-Decoder for over-the-air digital television and Digital Cable Ready circuitry forplug-and-play access to digital cable HDTV programming.

Ten of the Digital Cable Ready models utilize Texas Instruments’ Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology for outstanding picture performance with lightweight, compact cabinet design.

RCA Among First to Deliver Digital Cable Ready Models

“These Digital Cable Ready RCA Scenium models are unmatched for HDTV viewing excitement and are among the very first Digital Cable Ready HDTV Sets now available to consumers,” said Michael D. O’Hara, Executive Vice President of Thomson (RCA). “The Consumer Electronics Association is predicting that the TV industry will ship one million Digital Cable Ready HDTV Sets by Christmas, and these new RCA Scenium models will help ease the confusion for consumers who want a simple solution for HDTV reception.

“High-definition programming via cable is expanding in major markets across the country, and while most people expect stunning picture performance, these models raise the bar of excellence by delivering convenient high-definition cable viewing and utilizing the latest microdisplay technology to drive breathtaking reality in color imagery and vibrant sound that rival the movie experience,” O’Hara added.

RCA Cable Card“Digital Cable Ready HDTV entertainment from the RCA brand is just beginning, with a fall product lineup that includes 14 very-large screen DCR rear-projection HDTV Sets featuring DLP and CRT technology,” said Greg Bosler, Executive Vice President, North America Operations, TTE Corporation, manufacturer of RCA brand television sets. “These cutting edge Digital Cable Ready HDTV Sets provide retailers with a stronger sales base while offering consumers enhanced entertainment value.”

In all, 14 RCA and RCA Scenium Digital Cable Ready HDTV Sets are expected to reach retail store shelves this year. Among these models are the revolutionary RCA Scenium Profiles ultra-thin DLP HDTV Sets that will be spotlighted next week at the annual CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design & Installation) conference in Indianapolis. The RCA Scenium Profiles models are only 6.85 inches deep and light enough to hang on a wall, making them ideal for custom home theatre installation. Additional Digital Cable Ready HDTV models range from traditional rear-projection CRT to thin DLP HDTV Sets in screen sizes of 44-, 50-, and 61-inches, with a wide range of suggested retail prices.

Along with the DLP HDTV models, four Digital Cable Ready rear-projection CRT HDTV Sets are scheduled for retail availability this fall. The CRT models are the 56-inch RCA HD56W58 (suggested retail price $2,499), 52-inch RCA HD52W58 (suggested retail price $2,199); 52-inch RCA HD52W56 (suggested retail price $1,999); and 52-inch RCA HD52W55 (suggested retail price $1,899).

Digital Cable Ready DLP HDTV

Cable operators throughout the U.S. are supporting the new Digital Cable Ready standard, and select retail stores are now offering the RCA Scenium 61-inch (diagonal) HD61LPW162 (suggested retail price $3,999), soon to be followed by the 50-inch RCA Scenium HD50LPW162 (suggested retail price $3,399) widescreen HDTV Sets featuring Texas Instruments’ Digital Light Processing (DLP) video performance as well as secure digital connectivity and RCA’s proprietary Digital Hi-Pix