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The NSA can’t hear you now: How to easily encrypt calls on your iPhone

For years, iPhone users haven't had a free and easy-to-use app that can encrypt calls -- but now, at long last, Signal is here to change all that


56 impressive iPad Air and iPad 4 cases and covers

It looks great, it’s comfortable to hold, but even the iPad Air needs some protection. Check out our top picks for the best iPad Air cases to add function and style to your Apple tablet. We've got iPad 1-4 Cases, too.


Modbook Pro X turns a Retina MacBook Pro into a tablet paired with a stylus

The Modbook Pro X takes MacBook modding to the next level, tablet-izing what's arguably the most recognizable name in the laptop world.


Hulu’s free TV episodes are finally on Android tablets and phones

The over-the-top digital video service announced today at its Hulu Upfront advertising event that it will begin offering free mobile access to ad-supported full TV episodes this summer - even for users without a Hulu Plus subscription.

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Hands-on with Shazam for Mac: It knows what music you’re listening to, for the most part

Shazam, the app that tells you the name of that song whose name you just can't put your finger on, has arrived on Mac OS X. So, we gave it a spin. Here's what we think.


iWatch Rumors: Sapphire screen production issues to result in limited launch

Apple's iWatch has been one of the biggest secrets in tech for a couple years now. Here's a look at everything we know about it, from the team designing it to the features it might have.


Net neutrality is under threat from the FCC: What it is, and how we got here

Over the past few weeks (or years), you’ve probably heard a lot about Net neutrality. If you want to know what it's all about, we’ve constructed a timeline to show the relevant events that led us to this point.


BBM lands on Windows Phone with tile interface

BlackBerry finally released BBM for Windows Phone after much ado. The app features a tiled user interface that's well-suited to Microsoft's operating system.


OnePlus Watch Rumors: Images of OneWatch reveal Moto 360-like design

Images of what appears to be the OnePlus OneWatch leaked online. The images show a round, Moto 360-like smartwatch with a leather strap and other cool specs.


Samsung adds $4 premium option to Milk Music

In an update to its Milk Music streaming service, Samsung added a premium option to the fold. The free version now includes advertisements, while the $4 per month option eliminates them and adds more.


iPhone 6 Rumors: You might be able to buy it in stores on October 14

Interested in Apple's next smartphone? Whether it's called the iPhone 6, the iPhone Air, or something completely different, we've got you covered on the most popular rumors, gossip, news, and speculation surrounding it.


Photo encyclopedia Fotopedia to shut down service, apps by August 10, 2014

Fotopedia, an online photo encyclopedia, announced it will cease it service and apps on August 10, 2014. Users have until then to take one last look and download any content they may have contributed.


Survey says T-Mobile offers best customer service in the industry

T-Mobile now has 50.5 million subscribers, VoLTE service nationwide, a profitable business, and the award for best customer service. The Uncarrier is picking up momentum.


FreedomPop offers free data on iPad Mini and other tablets

FreedomPop is expanding its free data to tablets now, too. Fans of the service can now buy an iPad Mini or Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 from the carrier or bring their own tablet from Sprint.


Senate study says phone bill ‘cramming’ is costing us millions

The U.S. Senate has highlighted the ongoing problem of networks "cramming" additional charges on to your mobile bill. Usually originating from third-party firms, these extras have cost mobile users millions over the years, according to a new report.


Sprint’s $12 Facebook plan tacks on extra costs for everything else

Sprint will offer a new pre-paid plan through Virgin Mobile, which includes a limited number of calls and texts, as well as unlimited access to Facebook or one other social network for $12 a month.


Timeful will trick you into revolutionizing your time management skills

Smart calendar and to-do list app Timeful reminds you to do good things for yourself and helps you stay productive with smart suggestions. The app recommends the best time to do certain tasks and encourages the formation of good habits.


HTC has something new to show us on August 19, but what could it be?

HTC has called members of the press to an event in New York on August 19, but hasn't given any clues as to what it will reveal. There are rumors galore though, including talk of a Windows Phone device, and a new Nexus tablet.


Samsung profit hit in Q2 as company reveals plans for two new high-end phones

Increasing competition from low-cost Chinese devices and a strengthening Korean currency combined to knock Samsung's Q2 profits. Two new flagship handsets are on the way, however, with launches promised in the next six months.


Japan’s new HTC J Butterfly manages to be better and worse than the HTC One M8

HTC has teamed up with Japanese network KDDI to launch the J Butterfly, a new take on its popular One M8 device. There are a few differences between the two, some of which make it better than its cousin, while others make it worse.


Can your speaker survive a toilet bowl flush? Watch the ‘Mighty speaker’ take it like a champ

The latest speaker from Morrison Innovations is sand proof, dust proof, and waterproof for up to 30 minutes, allowing users to break new ground on where they take their favorite tunes. Its Indiegog campaign is funded, and it will ship in September.


T-Mobile offers the Samsung Galaxy experience on the cheap with the Galaxy Avant

T-Mobile revealed a cheap way to enter Samsung's Galaxy series, the Galaxy Avant. Essentially a redressed Galaxy Core LTE, the Galaxy Avant brings a bit of bang to your buck. Read on to learn more.


Best Buy’s CEO says most people don’t upgrade their tablets

Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly said that the tablet market is "crashing" because consumers don't upgrade too often. He added that the laptop market stands to benefit from tablets' decline.


Can’t get out of bed? Health Tap Prime brings the doctor to your phone (or watch)

HealthTap Prime has launched for smartphones and Android Wear watches. The new service lets you talk to a real doctor, and get prescriptions, right from your phone.


6 tricky Moto E problems, and how to fix them

Is your smartphone misbehaving? Refusing to do as it’s told? You’re not the only one struggling with Moto E problems, but we may just have an answer for you. Step inside to find a few workarounds and potential solutions.


BlackBerry Passport: A deeper look at BB’s new square, QWERTY phone

BlackBerry is back at it with a new, square, QWERTY smartphone called the Passport. The BlackBerry Passport will launch in September, but here's everything we know so far.


T-Mobile, Sprint merger delayed: May not happen before September

According to a recent report, the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile is unlikely to happen before September, the justification being that both companies are trying to come up with points that would fend off regulators.


And this is what the gold iPhone 6 will probably look like

Brikk unveiled its gold-plated iPhone 6 designs on Wednesday. The images reveal nearly every aspect of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6's design. Now all that's left are the specs and the price.


LG G Pad 10.1 review

LG’s new G Pad tablet lineup may not have the best specs you can get, but the G Pad 7.0 and G Pad 10.1 offer decent performance at a good price.

  • Pros: Decent power for the price, Simple design, Knock Code…
  • Cons: Wide bezels around the displays, Not a full 1080p screen

Windows Phone 8.1 Update List: Cortana gets her official release in the UK and China

If you're wondering when Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 update will arrive on your phone, and what features it will bring, then check out our roundup for all the latest news and information.