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Motorola Adds New BREW Clamshell Handsets

From Motorola’s press release:

Today at the BREW Developers Conference 2004, Motorola, Inc. announced its latest BREW-enabled CDMA handsets, models V260 and V265. Both stylish mobiles deliver high octane power to state of the art BREW technology for faster downloads and data processing. Whether enjoying the latest in ringtones and games or connecting to vital information sources, the models v260 and v265 sacrifice nothing to bring users an affordable and rich mobile experience.

“The Motorola V260 and V265 bring BREW to the masses in a package that’s sure to generate desire and demand,” said Joe Hartsig, Senior Director of Product Marketing, PCS Motorola, Inc. “Both models were optimized to take advantage of high powered technology while still maintaining an attractive price for consumers.”

No Compromises: The Motorola V265
Complete with an integrated VGA camera, digital zoom and self portrait functionality, the model V265 provides advanced multi-media messaging service (MMS) capabilities for capturing and sharing photos with ease. With a built in speakerphone and Motorola’s new speaker independent voice dial feature, users can find contact names without having to touch the keypad or pre-recording a voice dial name. When a user simply speaks a name, these smart mobiles can find the name in the contact book and seamlessly dial the desired work, mobile or home number. Add to this, location based service capabilities, plenty of memory for storing downloads and a high processing speed for a great user experience and this is a true “must have” mobile for both personal and professional needs.

Foot Loose and Fancy Free: The Motorola V260
With a fun new look and tons of great features including advanced speaker recognition, integrated speakerphone, a soft-touch finish and MMS for sending
animations, icons and more, the Motorola V260 delivers a compelling package at a painless price. Powered by BREW 2.1 technology for the latest in downloads, location-based service capabilities to help navigate unknown territories, and WAP 2.0 for quick and easy Internet access, the model V260 will keep you both informed and entertained while on-the-go. The Motorola V260 package is complete with a variety of accessories and interchangeable covers to suit both business and personal needs.

Pricing and Availability
The Motorola V260 and the Motorola V265 are expected to be available in Q4, 2004. V visit www.hellomoto.com for more details on product availability.