AOL Drops AIM Enterprise

Instead, the company said, it’s migrating its existing clients to IMlogic’s IM Manager.

AIM Enterprise Gateway, which debuted in 2002, was based on technology from IMlogic rival FaceTime. The software, deployed behind a company’s firewall, acted as a proxy between company networks and the public AIM network. It let IT control instant-messaging access and monitor its use by generating usage logs and offering auditing features.

The announcement came hard on the heels of last week’s admission by Yahoo that it’s scuttling its Business Messenger. Although the first reaction would be that AOL is following suit, that’s not the case, argued Brian Curry, senior director of AIM network services.

“It’s not the same as Yahoo,” Curry said. “We are not backing off from this [business] market. “This partnership with IMlogic is another example that we think [the business use of AIM] is going to grow.”

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