Road Runner To Get Speed Boost

From AOL Time Warner’s press release:

Time Warner Cable today announced plans to introduce a new option for its Internet, high-speed data customers-Road Runner Premium, which is up to twice as fast as its popular Road Runner core service. Most of Time Warner Cable’s 31 operating divisions will begin offering this new option to Road Runner customers beginning next month.

Road Runner Premium will offer speeds of up to 6 mega-bits per second (Mbps) downstream and 512 kilo-bits per second (kbps) upstream. This compares to the core Road Runner service, which offers speeds of up to 3Mbps downstream and 384kbps upstream. Road Runner is already one of the fastest high-speed Internet connections available through cable and is up to twice as fast as the DSL standard package in most areas.

“This new Road Runner option should be perfectly suited to gamers and other Internet customers needing an even speedier connection,” said Gregg DiPaolo, senior vice president of High Speed Data at Time Warner Cable. “Because our core product meets or exceeds the needs of most of our customers,” said DiPaolo, “we do not anticipate a significant migration to the premium option. We wanted to be sure it was available however, to meet the needs of those customers who want more speed.”

Customers who select Road Runner Premium will pay between $64.95-$84.95 per month, depending on the package or bundle of other services they take from Time Warner Cable. So-called double-play customers, who take both video and data services from Time Warner Cable, will typically see Road Runner Premium priced at $69.95; triple play customers who also take Digital Phone will get the option for $64.95.

The core Road Runner service is typically priced at $44.95 retail, but is discounted in a bundle or multi-service package.

Time Warner Cable has more than 3.4 million high-speed data customers, which represents 18 percent of eligible homes.

“As we expand the number of broadband customers,” explained DiPaolo, “we are seeing a range of user habits. One size in the high-speed data business no longer fits everyone. This is another reason for creating the Premium option.”

Road Runner periodically adds features and makes refinements to its service. Last October, it increased the maximum download speed from 2Mbps to 3Mbps for its core service. In January, Road Runner redesigned its home page, giving customers the ability to tailor their web experience to their own personalized tastes. Using Flash technology and other state-of-the-art media delivery and application software, Road Runner’s home page provides users with the single most flexible and personal experience available on a commercially available ISP service.