Samsung releases the QX410 notebook

samsung releases the qx410 notebook np j01us

It would be easy to mistake the Samsung QX410 for an Apple MacBook Pro. It embraces the sleek and elegant design that Apple has become known for.

But under the hood, the computer packs some powerful features. The QX series is designed for those who want a laptop with more powerful performance. It’s also the first Samsung laptop to take advantage of NVIDIA Optimus switchable graphics.

The NVIDIA Optimus graphics card incorporates the energy efficient NVIDIA GeForce 310M, with 512MB graphic memory, which extends battery life by automatically switching to internal Intel graphics for more basic applications.

Part of the larger QX series, the QX 410 is the mid-range option. The QX410 will sold exclusively through Best Buy. It comes with an Intel i5-460M processor, 4GB of RAM and a 14-inch LED-backlit display.

The QX410 also comes with a new lithium polymer battery that Samsung claims will give users up to 7 hours of batter life and over 1000 charges. The QX series features Samsung’s Express Charging Mode, reducing charging times and delivering a full battery in just 2~3 hours, an important selling point for those who need to be mobile.

Seongwoo Nam, executive vice president and head of IT solutions business at Samsung Electronics, said, “The QX series is the masterpiece of Samsung’s computer business. The QX series incorporates premium design, powerful performance, and the latest multimedia and communication features.” He added, “With the QX series launched, we can offer consumers the freedom to choose their computer from a full range of Samsung note PCs.”

The QX series will come in 13.3″, 14″ and 15.6″ screen sizes. The laptop will be retailing for $929.99 when it is released this fall.