Sony Chooses ATI’s Radeon X600 XT

With advanced image quality and performance enhancing technologies, the RADEON X600 products bring native 16 lane PCI Express, full DirectX 9 support, 128-bit memory interface and four extreme parallel 3D rendering pixel pipelines to Sony’s PCs.

“Sony is among the many world-leading companies to choose ATI’s native PCI Express graphics,” said Rick Bergman, Senior Vice-President Marketing and General Manager, Desktop, ATI Technologies. “Our native PCI Express interface continues to be a major selling point as our customers want graphics that were designed from the ground up with PCI Express in mind.”

Customers in Japan will be able to experience the power of ATI’s RADEON(R) X600 XT in Sony’s VGC-RA70P, VGC-RA70PL9, VGC-RA60, VGC-RA60L7, VGC-RA70PS and VGC-RA70S models. In North America, Sony’s VGC-RA810G and VGC-RA910G models will feature RADEON X600 XT graphics.