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The best VPN for Mac is NordVPN.

Ditch the free VPN with this incredible NordVPN deal — SAVE $225!

Get two years of the fantastic VPN service NordVPN for just $99 with this amazing summer time deal.
vyprvpn summer deal august 2021

VyprVPN’s summer deal just got serious — 87% off today

If you've been waiting to pounce on a VPN for cheap, now's your opportunity. VyprVPN is offering all new customers an amazing deal for a total of 36 months!

NordVPN is practically giving away 2-year plans today

NordVPN's services offer you a dedicated IP on 5300 servers around the world, giving you privacy and security no matter where you browse, or browse from.
best VPN services

How to set up a VPN

Take a look at our step-by-step guide detailing how to set up a VPN in both MacOS and in Windows 10 using the default tools built into the operating system.
iPhone 11 Pro Capture Setting

How to set up a VPN on an iPhone

It may sound complex, but setting up a VPN on an iPhone is surprisingly easy and hassle-free. We go through everything you need to know to get started.
walmart offers deals for norton this prime day 360 premium

Norton 360 Premium antivirus is more than half off at Staples today

Norton 360 Premium could be the best way to protect your devices from malware and other threats, and it includes VPN service and 75GB of cloud storage.
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Want to watch US Netflix? You need this simple tool

Along with keeping you safe online, IPVanish VPN can allow you to enjoy region-locked content on Netflix and other streaming apps. Here's what you need to know.
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Save $89 on an IPVanish subscription today

Save a massive $89 on an IPVanish subscription and enjoy secure internet browsing and 500GB of storage

Why IPVanish should be your VPN of choice in 2021

IPVanish is a fast and fantastically well priced VPN. Here's why it's the VPN you should use in 2021
best VPN services featured image with woman on computer.

The best VPN just went on sale: Here’s why you need it

You need a VPN. Here's why and how Private Internet Access is the best option out there right now.

How to set up a VPN on your PS4

Want the advantages of a VPN on more than your computer or smartphone? Learn how to set up a VPN on a PS4 to access exclusive content and improve performance.
Man holding phone running VPN to browse anonymously.

Seven VPN apps accused of exposing more than a terabyte of private data

A group of free VPN apps including UFO VPN and Super VPN reportedly left a treasure trove of private, sensitive data of millions of users out in the open.
Atlanta Protest Held In Response To Police Custody Death Of Minneapolis Man George Floyd

Protesters sharing tech tips to stay safe, avoid arrest amid U.S. unrest

Protesters and activists have been sharing advice for how to treat injuries, avoid police detection, and stay safe during demonstrations over police brutality.
dashlane privacy protection deal

Protect your privacy with Dashlane password manager, and how to sign up

It's important to take cybersecurity seriously and Dashlane will keep your information safe. We have an exclusive coupon code that will make it a bargain.
Man holding phone running VPN to browse anonymously.

The Best VPNs for small businesses

All small businesses need to take cyber security seriously. Here's a look at the best VPNs for all your small business, no matter what the budget.
vipre antivirus protection two years for price of one lifestyle

Here’s how you can get 2 years of antivirus software for the price of 1

Vipre is one of the fastest growing names out there for antivirus protection, and this holiday season, the company has a great offer of two years of protection for the price of just one. Its software can keep an eye out for any potential threats trying to install themselves on your PC before they can do any damage.
Man holding phone running VPN to browse anonymously.

IPVanish offers up to 73% off internet VPN security services for new customers

Looking to stay safe online? Protect your online security and your bank balance when you choose IPVanish VPN services. New customers can save up to 73%. And with a 7-day money-back guarantee you can be sure that your bank balance is as protected as your internet use.
NordVPN in use on laptop.

NordVPN confirms an attacker breached a rented Finland server

NordVPN confirmed that an attacker breached a server it rented from a Finland-based data center. The company says the breach took place in March 2018, but the attacker did not retrieve any customer information. NordVPN didn’t disclose the breach immediately due to its lengthy investigation.
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Your personal data is for sale on the dark web. Here’s how much it costs

A recently published report from cybersecurity resource VPNOverview shows how much it costs to purchase various types of personal information on the dark web. And the results are actually kind of disappointing. Your personal information may not be sold at as high a price as you’d expect.
secure fathers day deals on vpn plans from ip vanish ipvanish

Protect your new Prime Day devices with IPVanish VPN, on sale until Sunday

If you scored a new device during Prime Day, then you'll want to protect your tech with a good VPN like IPVanish. IPVanish has extended its Prime Day week sale through the weekend, too, making now the best time to sign up and save 63%
Windows 10 Surface Pro 4 stock photo

Latest update to Windows 10 has a bug that could break VPN services

Microsoft has announced a bug in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update which could hamper the operation of virtual private networks (VPNs). The issue effects the Remote Access Connection Manager service, which is what Windows uses to manage connections to a VPN.
secure fathers day deals on vpn plans from ip vanish

IP Vanish unveils deals on monthly and annual VPN plans for Father’s Day

The internet is a dangerous place, with privacy and digital data concerns occurring across the tech world. A preferred privacy method has become the virtual private network, or VPN. Now ahead of Father's Day, IP Vanish has slashed prices on its monthly and annual VPN plans, saving customers up to 73%.
huawei p30 pro vs samsung galaxy s10 plus opera vpn 2

Browse safely and securely with Opera’s unlimited VPN on Android

The internet is the new Wild West, and it's best to be protected while you're out there, even on your phone. Opera has added a new VPN to its Android browser, offering an easy way to keep your privacy and data locked up solid, and with no limits on usage or cost, you can keep it on all the time.
IPVanish VPN

Protect your iPhone or iPad with the IPVanish VPN, on sale through February

One of our favorite virtual private networks for iPhones and iPads, IPVanish, is now offering a huge discount on its two-year subscription as part of its 7th-birthday promotion. Read on to find out more about how this VPN works and what savings are available.
smishing example on phone

Smishing sounds funny, but it’s a serious threat to your phone’s security

We all know phishing is a huge security problem, but most people still believe it’s a problem limited to email. According to new reports, more and more phishing scams are appearing in text messages. The problem is much worse than you might assume. Here’s how to protect yourself and the personal data attached to your phone.
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ProtonVPN and NordVPN patched up vulnerabilities before they became known

Don't fret -- your VPN is safer than recent news may suggest. Hot off of the back of an announcement of flaws and bugs in both NordVPN and ProtonVPN which could leave users vulnerable, the two companies have responded to make it clear that the exploits were discovered and patched out several weeks ago.
researchers use ambient light sensor data to steal browser exhausted man computer problems desk hacking hackers malware frust

Adware posing as a private network client secretly takes screenshots

Adware stuffed into software you can freely download from the internet can secretly take screenshots of your desktop among other sneaky spyware-like capabilities. Dubbed as Zacinlo by Bitdefender, the adware first surfaced in 2012 and mostly targets Windows 10 PCs in North America.
modem vs router plugging in

FBI: Reboot, reset your router immediately to prevent cyberattacks

To protect yourself from the VPNFilter malware, the FBI urges all users to reboot their routers. To be extra cautious, you can also perform a factory reset to restore your router to factory conditions and permanently clear out all traces of the malware. If infected, the malware can steal and wipe out your data.
the fbi wants you to reboot your router insecure getty

Duck, cover, and reboot your router? Why the FBI’s new warning is no joke

The FBI has discovered up to 500,000 home or office routers could be vulnerable to a dangerous cyberattack. According to experts, there are a couple of important factors that make this malware an unprecedented situation. But can resetting your router really prevent a major cyberattack?
fallout 4 launch pornhub pipboy

Pornhub now provides a free virtual private network to hide your online habits

Pornhub launched a virtual private network service called VPNhub. The free model creates an encrypted "tunnel" across the internet that hides your IP address and allows you to surf the dark ends of the internet anonymously, including Pornhub. It's available for iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS.
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Protect your privacy with this VPN Unlimited deal: Just $39 for lifetime access

Need to protect your privacy? You can now get a VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription for just $39, or a three-year subscription for only $19.
cisco dtd01312018

Cisco warns users about serious vulnerability in WebVPN software

Cisco warns users about a flaw in their VPN software, Tinder loses an age discrimination lawsuit appeal, high-tech 'Amazon Spheres' indoor garden goes online in Seattle.

Popular VPN provider TunnelBear jumps into password management with RememBear

The security-conscious VPN app maker TunnelBear has released an accessible new password management service called RememBear.

NordVPN’s Android app gets around China’s VPN ban

NordVPN, a virtual private network provider, has updated its Android app to help users in China circumvent the country's VPN ban.