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A close up of the iPhone 7 sim card slot.

China orders mobile carriers to disallow access to virtual private networks

Chinese authorities have instructed mobile carriers to disallow access to virtual private networks, or VPNs, according to Bloomberg.
best VPN for the iPhone

These VPN deals can help you protect your privacy without breaking the bank

The repeal of FCC regulations has many concerned, so we've collected some deals on VPN services and devices to help you protect your privacy.
VPNSecure Lifetime Subscription

Protect your data and score $400 off a lifetime VPNSecure subscription

A lifetime subscription to VPNSecure normally retails for $450, but this limited-time deal will save you more than 90 percent.
facebook twitter enough revenge porn congress

People are looking up VPNs after the House voted away internet privacy rules

A few days after the House vote on ISPs and internet privacy, there has been an uptick in searches for VPN software.

Security researchers warn against using shady VPN Android apps

Security researchers warn against using shady VPN Android apps -- especially those which request permissions for personal data.
Understanding the Great Firewall of China

The Great Firewall in China just got stronger, and is now keeping out VPNs

The Chinese government will begin "cleaning up" China's version of the internet and cracking down on virtual private networks, or VPNs.
best browser internet explorer vs chrome firefox safari edge version 1462213626 opera laptop pc mac os

Opera 40 users can access foreign media without moving overseas

The latest version of the Opera browser includes a virtual private networking feature, allowing users to connect to a foreign server and surf the internet.
Betternet Betterspot VPN Router

Betternet Betterspot VPN Router review

HTTPS Exploit Leaves Sites Vulnerable

New HTTPS exploit leaves hundreds of sites vulnerable, but there’s an easy fix

Security researchers have devised a new exploit, 'Sweet32', to decrypt secret cookies which could leave your passwords vulnerable to theft.
netflix video servers map family feat

Tear down the regional walls: How to unlock hundreds of movies on Netflix

Check out this straightforward tutorial to learn more about how you can unblock Netflix and watch region-specific content without having to skirt the globe.
opera vpn ios app

Opera now has a completely free VPN app for iOS

It seems as though Opera is trying to be much more privacy aware -- the company now offers a completely free VPN (virtual private network) iOS app.
opera bakes a vpn into ios app stormtroopers are hit on the dancefloor dtd0509

Opera bakes a VPN into iOS app, Stormtroopers are a hit on the dance floor

Opera puts a VPN into their iOS app to allow private browsing, chatbots are on the rise, Stormtrooper dance team pushes Simon Cowell's button on BGT.
netflix adds picture in ipad sign

Piracy could be on the rise in Canada following Netflix VPN shut-out

With Canadian Netflix users not being able to access content outside of their own country, they’re considering turning to piracy in order to watch.
brian krebs project shield ddosattack

A hacker group is threatening VPN providers with DDOS attacks

The hacker group Armada Collective is threatening DDOS attacks on VPN and encrypted email services and demanding thousands of dollars in ransom.
best browser internet explorer vs chrome firefox safari edge version 1462213626 opera laptop pc mac os

Opera wants you to ditch Chrome for its free, built-in VPN

Opera may be one of the most overlooked web browsers available today, but that could change now that it's the first to implement a VPN for free.
why frustrated users are finally fleeing netflix vpn

As Netflix says ‘no’ to streaming abroad, viewers skirt the rules … or leave

netflix blocks vpn users in europe dt daily 00 46 15 still005

Netflix lays the crack-down on VPN users in Europe despite evasion efforts

Netflix is cracking down on VPN users, and whatever its doing is working. VPNs have found themselves unable to sneak past Netflix's location detection tools
netflix fall favorite tv shows millennials watching movie

Things are heating up in Netflix’s war on unblockers

In the latest wave of Netflix's war on "unblockers," a number of VPN users throughout Europe found themselves suddenly blocked over the weekend.
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Use protection: Connect to public hotspots and encrypt your sessions with Keezel

VPN? If you sort of know what it is (or don't), but never really bothered to set it up, take a look at Keezel. It's a portable VPN that touts ease-of-use.
amazon paypal news office

PayPal is cutting off VPN providers that offer international access to Netflix

Following Netflix's crackdown on VPN providers offering access to region-restricted content, PayPal has cut off payment services for at least one provider.

The home of the binge: Military bases abroad can still stream Netflix U.S. content

Netflix has cracked down to prevent users from streaming outside of their geo-location, but subscribers on American military bases abroad won't be affected.
netflix fall favorite tv shows millennials watching movie

New website lets you see what's available on Netflix in any country

Curious what's available on Netflix in countries other than yours? A new website dubbed uNoGS lets you see the service's catalog in any country.
netflix fall favorite tv shows millennials watching movie

The battle begins: Australia sees the first effects of Netflix’s VPN crackdown

A week after Netflix announced it would begin cracking down on VPN users, some Australians are seeing the first effects of the blockage.
netflix fall favorite tv shows millennials watching movie

Following Netflix's VPN crackdown, providers are working to circumvent the block

Last week, Netflix said it would be cracking down on use of VPNs that allow users to watch content not available in their geographic area.

BBC begins crackdown of iPlayer viewers using a VPN

BBC is blocking VPN users trying to access iPlayer through a VPN, in a new move to make sure only U.K. residents are able to view the content.
iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Apple throws selected apps out of the App Store, all in the name of privacy and security

Apple has removed "a few" apps from the App Store for installing root certificates, which allowed traffic from other apps to be moved to a different server.
What is Wi-Fi

How dangerous is public Wi-Fi? We ask an expert

Internet usage has never been higher and many of us will take a decent connection wherever we can find it, but are we putting ourselves at risk by using public Wi-Fi networks? We decided to ask an expert.
Hidden Keyboard

Many big VPNs have glaring security problems

If you use a VPN to hide your traffic, you may want to reconsider which one, as a new study has found a lot of security holes with many major providers.
further research reveals holas security issues are even worse than feared vpnheader

Update: Actually, Hola’s security issues aren’t even worse than feared

A report from security firm Vectra makes new vulnerability claims against Hola Unblocker VPN that could put users at severe risk.
Hola VPN

Hola! Hola found to be selling users’ bandwidth as botnet

Hola, one of the most popular free virtual private networks, found to be selling its' users internet bandwidth.

Watch U.S. Netflix anywhere with TunnelBear, now available as a Chrome extension

decrypt three vpn competitors go head aazqih2

Three VPN competitors go head-to-head

When searching for the VPN that's right for you, the options can be a little daunting. With so many choices, how can you know which one is right for you?
hulu is now allegedly preventing virtual private network users from using its site feature

Hulu is blocking VPN users, report alleges

Do you use a VPN? Well you better be ready to ditch it if you're a big fan of Hulu.
Javelin app

Javelin outclasses Chrome with one-handed gestures, ad blocking, built-in VPN

Looking to try a new browser on for size? Javelin is a brand new one that offers super fast browsing, a VPN, reading mode and more