Capcom clarifies Resident Evil 6’s on-disc DLC, promises imminent freebies

Resident Evil 6 Ada Wong

At this point, we can all agree that the recent release of Resident Evil 6 was controversial, to say the least, right? This is Capcom’s biggest franchise, yet as you can see from our review (or almost any of the other reliable reviews out there), the game is something of a disappointment. Compounding that problem, shortly after the game’s release, Capcom came under fire once again for including content on the game’s disc expressly designed to be unlocked later as downloadable content.

Those of you who remember the release of Street Fighter X Tekken last March will recall that similar on-disc DLC was discovered in that game, including 12 additional characters, and fans believed that Capcom was purposely removing finished content from its games so that it could then be sold piecemeal as downloadable content. Following the relatively poor sales of Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom assured us that it would be “re-evaluating how such additional game content is delivered in the future.”

So, obviously Capcom lied about that and was planning to continue business as usual with Resident Evil 6, right? Well, according to Capcom, that’s not exactly the case. In a newly published post on the official Capcom blog, the company claims that the DLC content found on the Resident Evil 6 disc only includes items that the company plans to offer as free additions to the game in the future. “Future paid DLC … is not on the disc,” the post states.

As if to drive this point home, the blog post also reveals that two new, free DLC items are scheduled for release for Resident Evil 6 in the near future. It’s a bit odd that Capcom didn’t specify any sort of release window for the items, but we’ve sent them an email to see if someone there might clarify this news for us. In the meantime, have a look at what you’ll soon be able to enjoy, totally gratis:

No Hope difficulty mode (which is, y’know, super hard) and a co-op partner for Ada’s campaign. Said campaign was meant as a solo affair for Ms Wong, but odds are you’d like to play through it again with a pal – soon you can!

Additionally, this update will make Ada’s campaign available from the start; currently you must complete all three of the primary campaigns to unlock this bonus.

Admittedly, these DLC additions aren’t exactly massive, game-changing elements, but hey, free is free. Still, it seems like Capcom may have lost a number of fans with its ongoing devotion to on-disc DLC (regardless of how altruistic it may be), and we doubt these two minor downloadable additions will do much to alleviate that issue. Then again, short of resurrecting Mega Man Legends 3, we doubt there’s much Capcom could do to soothe the rage of the angry Internet masses. Unlike adorable kittens, forgiveness is a rarity on the ‘net.

Update: Capcom replied to yesterday’s inquiry via email this morning. According to the company’s representatives, “the timing on this DLC has not been specified at this time.”


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