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Kingdom Hearts 3 on Nintendo Switch reportedly never going to happen

Kingdom Hearts 3, the l0ng-awaited return of the series for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, reportedly may never arrive to the Nintendo Switch.

Reviews on Kingdom Hearts 3, including Digital Trends’ own, heaped praise on the Disney and Square Enix collaboration, for its beautiful worlds, exciting combat system, and epic boss battles among many other things. There were rumors that it would eventually find its way on the Nintendo Switch, and director Tetsuya Nomura recently further teased the possibility.

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However, in an episode of the Kinda Funny Games Daily Show, Game Informer’s senior editor Imran Khan revealed that the chances of Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Nintendo Switch are not looking too good at the moment.

“Last I heard, there was a talk between Nintendo and Square Enix about what they could do with Kingdom Hearts 3,” Khan said. “It was deemed unfeasible to get Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Switch.”

Khan, who is considered as a reliable source for the accuracy of his reports on such information in the past, added that Kingdom Hearts 3 was “very demanding.” The Nintendo Switch supports Unreal Engine 4, on which the RPG was made with, but the hybrid console does not have enough power to run the game smoothly.

Not all hope is lost for Nintendo Switch owners though. Khan raised the possibility that instead of Kingdom Hearts 3, the HD re-releases of the previous games in the series, possibly a version of the Kingdom Hearts — The Story So Far bundle released last year, will make its way to the Nintendo Switch. Khan admitted that he was unsure on this, and if development has already started, but he said that this is probably what Square Enix settled on to bring the franchise to the console.

In the absence of an official announcement from Square Enix, and despite the reliability of Khan as a source, gamers should take the rumor with a grain of salt. It may be true that the Nintendo Switch is not currently powerful enough to run Kingdom Hearts 3. However, amid rumors of a planned upgrade to the console, a new Nintendo Switch in the future may be able to run the RPG.

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