Popular game Dragon Age comes to Facebook

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Dragon Age Journeys

The new game is inspired by Dragon Age but custom-designed for the casual and social play style for Facebook users of all ages.

Dragon Age Legends blends both tactical combat and co-operative gameplay — a combo perfectly suited for social networks such as Facebook. Bio Ware is looking to cross promote the upcoming release of Dragon Age II through the Facebook game. Launching in February 2011, Dragon Age Legends give gamers the chance to earn exclusive unlocks for Dragon Age II, one of the most highly anticipated video games of 2011.

“Our goal is to change the perception of social network games and attract new players to the Facebook platform by raising the quality bar. Dragon Age Legends will deliver a deep, sophisticated experience, and we will continue to delight gamers by adding new features and content far into the future,” notes EA general manager Mark Spenner.

Dragon Age Legends will give players a preview of the Free Marches, the primary setting of Dragon Age II. Alongside their Facebook friends, players will take on challenging quests, earning loot, sharing rewards and growing their kingdom. Users can customize characters and get upgrades to tackle demons and darkspawn to become a legendary hero within the Dragon Age universe.

Dragon Age II, the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins, will be available on March 8, 2011 for the Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system, the PlayStation 3 computer and entertainment system and the PC. For more information on Dragon Age: Legends, and to sign up for information about the upcoming beta please visit www.dragonagelegends.com.