FCC Wants Radio to Archive Broadcasts

The new rules would be used to aid investigations of indecency complaints, as they would require broadcasters to keep recordings of their content from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. All this is occurring at the same time that federal law states that radio stations and television stations cannot make references to sexual and excretory functions.

The FCC has stepped up enforcement of indecency standards after this year’s controversial Super Bowl halftime show, with the “accidental” breast-baring of Janet Jackson during her performance with Justin Timberlake. Recently, the popular radio personality Howard Stern came under attack by the FCC for alleged indecency violations.

The proposed fines for indecency also recently increased, as the Senate multiplied the maximum by ten times the prior amount, from $27,500 to $275,000 per incident. Meanwhile, the House of Representatives have supported a fine up to $500,000 per incident.

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Sources: Yahoo, FCC.gov