JVC refines e-shift, teases professional 4K TV under $20k

jvc refines e shift teases professional 4k tv under 20k projector lineupJVC held its annual press breakfast this morning to make its new product announcements at CEDIA 2012. Last year, we were impressed with the performance of the company’s line of 4K projectors, which use a technology JVC calls e-shift to create a 4K image from standard 1080p content. This morning we learned that JVC has further refined e-shift — now referred to as e-shift 2– and implemented it into seven new projectors while also improving costly lamp life and revamping its 3D delivery system. 

E-shift 2, like its predecessor, is a bit of electronic wizardry that works by scanning a 1080p image, then electronically shifting the image half a pixel to the side, then half a pixel up and back again at 120Hz. This essentially quadruples the number of visible pixels and — voila — you get a 4K image. The improvements made on the original e-shift technology involves an 8-band filter which, according to JVC, significantly improves the quality of the image by helping to eliminate visible artifacts like aliasing. To borrow JVC’s audio analogy: it’s like comparing an 8-band equalizer to a tone control knob — it’s simply a more precise process. E-shift 2 only works in 2D mode and is available in projectors starting as low as $3500

jvc refines e shift teases professional 4k tv under 20k graphic

In addition to the e-shift revamp, JVC also improved its lamp life — a notable benefit considering how pricey those lamps are. A jvc refines e shift teases professional 4k tv under 20k dla rs66 projector  2representative from JVC explained that after 2,000 hours of use, the lamp will have degraded by only 15%.

Also new for this year is an RF syncing system for its active shutter 3D glasses. By using RF, signal dropout is much less likely. As anyone who has turned around in their seat while wearing active 3D glasses knows, getting the glasses to re-sync after losing the infrared signal is a frustrating wait. 

At the end of the conference, we also learned that JVC is in the early stages of developing two 84-inch 4K televisions. According to JVC Professional’s president, Bob Mueller, there is a prototype hiding in a hotel room somewhere in Indianapolis, but it is only being shown “privately” due to the fact that it is very much incomplete at this point. Still, it is interesting to hear of yet another 84-inch panel in development, and it’s encouraging to hear that one should be available for under $20k. What is it, though, about the number 84 that makes it so magical? Ponder that while checking out a rendering of the display below. 

jvc refines e shift teases professional 4k tv under 20k rs 840ud