KiSS Technology launches DivX DVD players

The DP-450 and DP-500 from KiSS Technology are the first DVD players to support high-quality playback of all versions of DivX video content. The devices are on display at the KiSS Technology booth atCeBit in Hall 20, Stand E33.

The KiSS DP-500 and DP-450, powered by the EM 8500 DVD decoder chip from Sigma Designs, are the first publicly released consumer electronics products to pass the rigorous certification processdeveloped by the DivXNetworks team of video engineers. The certification process ensures that the devices offer playback of all versions of DivX technology (5.xx, 4.xx and 3.xx) at the highestpossible quality levels and fully support digital rights management technology developed by DivXNetworks.

The revolutionary KiSS DP-500 is the first network-capable DVD player to offer DivX playback, enabling users to download DivX content from the Internet and then play it directly on a television. DivXvideo, which offers DVD-quality video at 7-10 times greater compression than MPEG-2, is the world’s most popular MPEG-4 compatible video compression technology with over 75 million worldwide users. Awide range of DivX-certified consumer electronics devices, from portable video players to DVD players and set-top boxes, are scheduled to hit the market in 2003.

“The release of the KiSS DP-500 represents a real milestone for millions of DivX users all over the world. Now anyone can easily download a protected movie and watch it on their TV, not just thecomputer,” said Kevin Hell, Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer at DivXNetworks, Inc. ( “As the first device to enable high-quality playback of all versions of DivXvideo with full support for DivX digital rights management technology, the DP-500 is the model for a true ‘convergence’ device that represents the future of consumer electronics. And because it is aconnected device, the DP-500 will allow the consumer to easily move secure content through the connected home. ”

“The DP-500 sets a new standard for networked consumer products bringing digital content into our everyday life. Things like download and playback of DivX movies on-demand, listening toInternetradio, viewing digital images and sending instant messages was until today something that was done in front of the PC. Now anyone can easily do it anywhere in their home,” said Bo Lustrup,Marketing Manager of KiSS Technology (

In addition to supporting all versions of DivX video technology, the DP-500 offers a number of cutting edge features including progressive scan, Ethernet 10/100, support for DVD, SVCD, VCD, CD, MP3,Ogg Vorbis, CD-RW & DVD-RW playback, and a photo album feature that enables users to view digital photos on a television. For more information on the DP-500, visit

DivX Certification includes a full DivX software development kit to help third parties make their existing solutions compatible with DivX technology, or to help them create new solutions fromscratch. The DivX Certified Partner Program was created to enable the development of official DivX-enabled consumer electronics products to meet the global demand for high-quality DivX convergencedevices. For more information on DivX certification process, visit