Soundmatters foxLv2 aptX Bluetooth speaker pumps jams from your pocket

soundmatters foxlv2 aptx bluetooth speaker apt xGenerally speaking, if you can fit a speaker in your pocket, it isn’t likely to blow you away with life-sized sound. That hasn’t stopped Soundmatters from trying, though. The company’s new foxLv2 aptX speaker incorporates some clever engineering to produce as big a sound as it can from a pocketable, portable speaker. 

The go-anywhere speaker predictably features Bluetooth technology for wireless, CD-quality music and other audio from aptX-equipped devices including Samsung smartphones/tablets and Apple computers. It includes a built-in noise-cancelling “business-quality” microphone that can be used for wireless calls with a smartphone, and is said to run for up to 12 hours of music playback via its rechargeable battery.

The Soundmatters foxLv2 aptX speaker simply isn’t big enough to crank out room-filling sound, but that’s not really its aim. The entry-level foxLv2 model features the company’s dual one-inch linear magnetic drive “Twoofers” , a “BassBattery” that effectively turns the speaker’s battery into a bass-generating woofer, and other proprietary technologies to develop what Soundmatters claims is an “open & airy” listening experience for tablets, smartphones and other devices lacking in the speaker department.

Despite its small size, the  foxLv2 aptX speaker demands a fairly large chunk of change with its $199 suggested price.