Triad Debuts InRoom Gold LCR Speakers

Utilizing proprietary drivers and an over-built, acoustically inert enclosure, these new loudspeakers boast low distortion, high sensitivity and high power handling making them adept at reproducingmusic and movie soundtracks, from subtle nuances to the thunderous pyrotechnics of action films.

InRoom Gold LCR and Center loudspeakers are designed to deliver high-end home theater performance at a more affordable price than previously available before from Triad. According to Triad SpeakersDirector of Sales and Marketing Paul Scarpelli, “The new InRoom Gold Series approaches the sound and design quality of our formidable InRoom Platinum series, but at less of a cost premium.”

The low power consumption and high handling capabilities of both the InRoom Gold LCR and Center make them compatible with the best separate audio components as well as the more traditional and basicaudio-video receivers.

To visually blend with the homeowner’s décor, InRoom Gold LCR and Center speakers are available in a variety of book-matched real wood veneer, as well as custom matched paint and veneeroptions.

MSRP for both the InRoom Gold LCR and InRoom Gold Center speakers is $1,750 per speaker.

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