Dish Network subscribers get Walking Dead back after AMC settlement

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Detailed by NBC News earlier today, a lawsuit between Dish Network Corp. and AMC Networks has been resolved. This means that Dish Network subscribers will regain access to AMC programming that includes television dramas like Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead. Prior to the resolution of the settlement, Dish Network attempted to appease subscribers by sending out free Roku 2 set-top boxes to any customer that called to complain about the lack of AMC programming. After acquiring the Roku hardware from Dish Network, the subscriber could purchase an entire season of a show like Breaking Bad through a premium service like Vudu or Amazon’s On-demand service.

Don Draper Mad MenAccording to the terms of the settlement, Dish Network is expected to pay both AMC Networks and Cablevision a sum of $700 million. In addition, more than 10 percent of the cash settlement will be used to purchase video and data distribution licenses from Cablevision.

During the Dish Network blackout, AMC management claimed that 13 percent of the channel’s typical audience disappeared. However, Dish Network officials claimed that the cost of AMC Network’s channels was simply too expensive.

With a new agreement stretching over multiple years, Dish Network subscribers should expect to see the AMC channel appear on Dish Channel 131 just in time for the next episode of The Walking Dead this Sunday. AMC Networks also plans to air the first two episodes of the third season prior to the new episode of The Walking Dead. Other AMC Networks channels such as IFC, WE tv, and Sundance will return to the Dish Network service on November 1. In addition, the Fuse channel will be added to the Dish Network lineup as well.

Regarding the resolution of the lawsuit, AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan stated “We are glad to partner again with Dish Network and are delighted to bring back our popular channels and programming to their customers.” AMC Networks had originally sought $2.4 billion in damages from Dish Network.