Batman gets angry in final Dark Knight Rises trailer

batman gets angry in final dark knight rises trailer darkknightrises

Yes, we realize that the above headline seems a bit trite once you’ve actually watched the trailer embedded below, but what other snappy bit of dialogue were we to base the title of this piece on? “Yes Lucius, of course Batman remembers where he parked in final Dark Knight Rises trailer” just doesn’t have the same catchy appeal as the mental image of Christian Bale being all frowny, growly and upset, now does it?

Anyway, on to the news. With Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises hitting theaters on July 20, the film’s promotional efforts are running at a fever pitch. Thus, we’ve been given one last tantalizing glimpse at the movie before we all pack into the local megaplex to see it on the big screen.

Honestly though? It’s a bit disappointing. There’s very little footage contained in this trailer that we haven’t already seen in the movie’s three earlier promotional clips. Sure, it offers a relatively very solid look at Bane — which is helpful given that, comparatively speaking, he’s the character in this film that neophyte Batman fans will be least familiar with — and we’re generally positive on anything that includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but beyond that it feels like this final trailer is lacking any single key element that will make people stand up and loudly exclaim, “I want to go see this thing then debate its merits on the Internet!”

Then again, maybe we’ve just grown cynical since the last Nolan-helmed Batman flick. It’s been almost four years since The Dark Knight hit theaters and given its success (both critical and financial), we’ve know that a third movie was inevitable that entire time. Now that we’re a month away from that film actually seeing public release, it feels like we’ve been waiting forever and our rabid anticipation has turned into a sense of entitled discontent. I guess the slow trickle of promotional information has left us bitter and unappreciative. Don’t get us wrong, we’re sure The Dark Knight Rises will be rad, but until we’re sitting in a theater watching the Warner Bros. logo fade away, we’re going to loudly, angrily complain that the movie isn’t available right this very second.

The Internet has ruined our collective attention spans, and apparently teasing a film for nearly half a decade only makes us cranky.