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Antec’s Aria Computer Enclosure

Quote from the review at The Tech Report:

“SMALL FORM FACTOR PCs are all the rage these days, and for good reason. Running a high-performance system inside a toaster-sized enclosure is a tantalizing prospect for LAN party regulars, users looking for a less obtrusive desktop or home theater system, and PC enthusiasts who are looking to ride the bleeding edge of the latest trend.

Although the portability and performance of small form factor systems like Shuttle’s XPCs can’t be denied, the diminutive cubes aren’t perfect. For starters, the majority of small form factor systems offer only one PCI slot. Most users probably won’t feel restricted by a single PCI slot, but anyone looking to run a 24-bit audio card alongside a PCI-based TV tuner or Wi-Fi card need not apply. 

In addition to the PCI slot limit, most cubes have only one free internal 3.5″ drive bay, limiting users to one hard drive. It’s possible to run multiple hard drives by tearing out a cube’s integrated memory card reader or taking over its 5.25″ drive bay, but those are hardly practical solutions. “

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