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Samsung releases two 160 GB hard drives

The two 160-gigabyte models, the SpinPoint V80 (7,200rpm) and P80 (5,400rpm), provide the ability to handle huge data files quietly in today’s multimedia computing environment.

In addition to the spacious storage, the new drives feature Samsung Electronics’ proprietary acoustic noise control technologies NoiseGuardâ„¢ and SilentSeekâ„¢ along with a fluid dynamic bearingmechanism for minimal operation noise.

SilentSeekâ„¢ is designed to minimize the mechanical excitation generated by any resonance. To accomplish this, the technology features a new seek trajectory pattern, preventing excitation by highfrequency harmonics while providing minimal positioning and head settling times.

NoiseGuardâ„¢ is a multi-faceted noise reduction measure that includes noise dampers and re-designed spindle motors.