Acer unveils first Centrino-based Tablet PC

The TravelMate C110 closely conforms to the Centrino standard with a Pentium M processor, 855GM chipset and 802.11b wireless connectivity. Acer said that the TravelMate C110 will adopt 802.11a/b as soon as Intel announces its availability for the Centrino platform. The Tablet PC also offers space for up to 2Gb of DDR memory and a 60Gb hard drive.

Acer told DigiTimes that the C110 is using the same chassis and 10.4-inch panel size as the TravelMate C100. The company claims to have improved the viewing angle on the screen. Rumors in the Chinese-language Commercial Times in March suggested that the new model would adopt a 14.1-inch size panel.

The TravelMate C110, like its predecessor, the TravelMate C100, has a stand with a tilt and swivel mechanism that can allow it to be rotated up to 180 degrees. The screen  
automatically shifts between landscape and portrait viewing modes. Peripherals can be easily connected to the new TravelMate via an optional Acer EasyPort docking station.

The company declined to reveal the price, but said that the TravelMate C110 will be available in the Taiwan market in May.

International Data Corporation (IDC) numbers ranking Acer as the number one Tablet PC supplier in the global market were included in the announcement. IDC estimated that Acer’s Tablet PC shipments exceeded 17,000 units in the fourth quarter of last year.