AVerMedia Joins Microsoft Program

The Microsoft Consumer Experience Center, open to select Microsoft industry partners worldwide, gives consumers the opportunity to see how leading technologies combine with Microsoft products andservices to create a complete digital experience, combining PC multimedia and home theater applications for end users worldwide.

AVerMedia digital convergence products are bridging home entertainment platforms of the future–personal computers, televisions, and home theaters–with software- and hardware-based consumer products that support a wide range of user interests. AVerMedia solutions allow people to watch TV on their PC, turn their PC into a PVR, use an LCD monitor at a TV or with any video game console/DVD player/VCR, transfer VHS video onto DVD, share digital photos on a TV, and perform other desirable home and business tasks.

AVerMedia was chosen for the Microsoft Consumer Experience Partner Program based on its unique product set and innovative convergent media technologies. Inclusion in the program will mean exclusive exposure for AVerMedia at major international trade shows and other public events; the company will also be featured on web broadcast video segments and at the MCX Center, a permanent exhibit at Microsoft’s Redmond, Wash., headquarters.

“AVerMedia views its membership in the Microsoft Consumer Experience Partner Program as a singular opportunity to extend its visibility to consumers,” said Arthur Pait, president of AVerMedia Technologies/USA. “The MCX Partner Program is a wonderful affirmation of the value of AVerMedia products in the next generation of consumer digital technologies. This is an exciting opportunity to work with Microsoft, combining cutting edge multimedia technology with user-friendly and comprehensive solutions.”

“To fulfill the goals of the MCX Partner Program, Microsoft has searched for those technology leaders that exhibit quality, innovation and vision in responding to consumer technology needs. AVerMedia is meeting those criteria with its range of multimedia convergence products,” said Kate Carcelen, Director of the MCX Partner Program at Microsoft Corp. “The MCX, with the participation of AVerMedia and our other leading corporate industry partners, is giving individuals and families an exciting look at what Microsoft technology can do to help consumers reach the full potential of today’s electronic home.”

AVerMedia is also fully committed to support Microsoft’s Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 operating system with our quality TV Tuner products for both Desktop PC’s and Notebooks. AVerMedia supports a range of TV Tuner product ranges from PCI, USB, PCMCIA, PCI Express, and NewCards. Our family of Media Center TV Tuner product lines will be available to OEM, Distribution, and Retail channels.