Digital Trends’ Top 5 Viral Videos of the Week, September 24, 2010

Digital Trends top 5 viral videos of the week september 24 2010 panda

We are back with a new selection of videos to tickle your fancy. These videos are not all from this week, but they all made us laugh or caused our jaws to drop recently. Enjoy!

Beatboxing Dog

What would a viral video countdown be without some adorable animal doing something adorably adorable. Don’t answer that. A star is born, as this dog’s 2 million plus hits on YouTube alone prove that you don’t need much to make a catchy tune. A fact Justin Beiber has proven countless times over (zing!).

Dude, You Have No Quran (Remix)

Apparently it is all the rage these days to burn the Quran, whether it be in Florida, or in a park in Amarillo, TX. Not if this dude has anything to say about it. The video sells itself pretty well, so enjoy.

High School QB play Tecmo Bowl for Real

Like a scene out of Tecmo Bowl, Craig Billington, the quarterback for the Genoa-Kingston High School in Illinois avoids not one, not two, but 11 tackles to score the game winning touchdown and keep his team a perfect 4 and 0. If you know football, then you know that it means that he literally avoided the entire defense. Every single one of them. Billington then went on to date the hottest cheerleader, win prom king, and was named the valedictorian.

The Luckiest People in the World

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than smart, as is evidenced by the people that decided to play chicken with trains, or walk across the track during the middle of a race. Alternatively, some of these people should head immediately to Vegas, because many of them are lucky to be alive. Video compilations like this have been floating around for awhile, and yet they still can amaze every time.

Never Say No to Panda. Or Else…

This Egyptian commercial for a cheese that uses a panda as a mascot has taken the internet by storm. Some say that the ad is actually a cleaver jab at American global politics and the U.S.’s tendency to bully people into doing things by pushing over the little guy, and that the depictions of the office and supermarket are in part there to show Americans that life in Egypt is not so different from our own. Others claim that it is a political jab at the rising influence of China in the global market who are forcing their way into new markets every day. Perhaps we have been on the internet too long, but it just looks like a dude in a panda suit hilariously knocking stuff over. To each their own!