Hush Technologies Debuts New Media Server

From the Hush Technologies Press Release:

The new HUSH AVX Music Server, enabled with the remarkable DigiFi software interface, transports the silent beauty of the HUSH silent PC platform into the centre of home entertainment, providing you with an entirely new music collection – your own.

Promising an entirely new way to experience your music, the HUSH AVX Music Server is a truly high fidelity music server with which you can control and programme your entire music collection from the palm of your hand.

The HUSH™ AVX allows you to store and play back more than 1600 CDs with exceptional sonic purity. It takes just minutes to rip a CD – automatic lookup of track details, including cover art, help make the ripping process easier and quicker, and you can select your preferred format, from uncompressed WAV, to compressed WMA or MP3. Users can select, programme, playlists, delete and manage their music collection without leaving their seats. Everything is controlled from a handheld PDA connected to the server unit by Wi-Fi, providing convenience and portability.

All of a sudden, your entire music collection is there at the tip of your fingers…

The HUSH AVX signals the beginning of a new generation of music servers – providing capacity, convenience and true Hi Fi performance with automatic on-line upgrades to ensure that your Hush AVX is future-proofed.

The HUSH AVX is a clear signal to the industry that Hush Technologies is a technical leader in the convergence marketplace, providing the Science of Silence for the domestic space. OEM interest is bearing this out.

“The barriers to entry in the convergent space have traditionally been noise, aesthetics, and simplicity of operation,’ says Markus Kremer, General Manager of Hush Technologies. “What we have here is a beautifully built, great looking, silent server unit connected by Wi-Fi to a fully portable interface utilising the most sophisticated and intuitive interface available. The result is an entirely new way – a superior way, I’d suggest – to listen to and manage your music. It’s difficult to convey in words – but experiencing is believing….”

John Booth, Managing Director of Software and Manufacturing Consultancy Digital Fidelity Limited, the UK-based company that developed the DigiFiâ„¢ Interface, adds:

“As we move closer and closer to a fully digital universe, people are asking the key question – how will we manage and interact with our music, especially as they become tangible, downloadable files? We believe that DigiFi™ might be the answer – an intelligent, intuitive interface that enables immediacy and ease, that anyone can use, that puts you back in touch with your music collection. Digital Fidelity are pleased to be able to work in partnership with Hush Technologies to bring this product to market.”

Launching at CES, the new HUSHâ„¢ AVX is available for delivery from the 8th January 2004.

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