Sony Launches PSX In Japan Today

“Speaking to the Associated Press, analyst Kazumasa Kubota of Okasan Securities described the system as a “publicity stunt” and predicted that it would “sell well for a month or two, but the momentumisn’t likely to hold up after that.”

His sentiments were echoed by Kazuya Yamamoto of UFJ Tsubasa, who claimed that “lowering the specifications of the PSX hurt Sony’s image,” and stated the belief that the system has failed to deliver on its promise to be a “superior machine as a DVD recorder.”

Strong words indeed, but it’s not entirely clear where the hostility towards Sony’s new system arises from. Even without the features deprecated in the latest announcement (which include MP3 playback, display of certain image file formats and the ability to read CD-R and certain rewriteable DVD formats), Sony’s PSX offering is still more feature rich than any rival DVD recorder, and crucially, is also significantly cheaper.”