Global-Tech Ships First Yahoo! LCD TV’s

“John C.K. Sham, President and Chief Executive Officer, said: “Recently, we announced the receipt of purchase orders for our 17″ and 30″ flat panel high-definition LCD TVs. Today, we are pleased to announce the initial shipment on those orders of our Home Touch 17″ flat panel high-definition LCD TV to a customer in the United States, who plans to market them under the Yahoo! brand. We believe this initial shipment is a positive step toward achieving our goal of diversifying and expanding our business to include the manufacture and marketing of display products.”

Mr. Sham continued, “The innovative and proprietary design of our Home Touch system has been the key to successfully marketing and launching our flat panel high-definition LCD TVs. In the coming months, we expect to ship our 30″ version to the same customer.” “

Yahoo TV's

It is still funny to see Yahoo get into consumer electronics, and as far as styling goes, we are not that impressed yet. Do not expect this concept to last very long.

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Found VIA Engadget