Pantone Carry Case luggage bags make for a colorful trip

pantone carry case luggage bags make for a colorful trip

With most major airlines charging a fee to check a bag during domestic travels, it’s always better to fly light. Who wants to wait around at a baggage carousel after a flight anyway? Walk onto your plane with one of these Pantone Universe suitcases and you’ll be about the most stylish graphic design nerd aboard the aircraft.

Available in 15 color varieties, these Pantone Carry Cases are a hardshell style luggage that has a capacity of 29 liters. The rolling bag comes with an extendable handle and a TSA zipper lock with separate keys which are also labeled Pantone so you know exactly where those keys go. Inside the luggage, you’ll find the select shade throughout the fabric lining and along the clips to hold your belongings together. Most of the available hues are popular primary colors, but some pastel shades as also up for sale as well as darker, more masculine colors with a black Pantone label instead of the usual white slab. Unfortunately for the ultimate nerd, these colors lack the usual descriptive name and color code found with specific shades.

At the moment, these Pantone luggage bags seem to only be up for purchase at the Japanese shop Nano Universe for 16,800 yens, or approximately $212.55 USD before shipping. Expect a delivery of late July or early August if you place your order now before the items go out of stock. For additional colors and views, visit the store directly. Hope you’re ready for a colorful trip!