Samsung’s New Phones Target Young Adults

Samsung’s strategy includes converging its industry-best screens and advanced multimedia phones with strategic partnerships to provide the ultimate interactive wireless experience.

According to research firm NPD Intellect, Samsung already has the strongest brand preference among 18- to 30-year-olds (2003). The company has established credibility with the demanding youth market by offering compelling products and content in an alluring package.

Samsung plans to deepen this relationship by providing unique content offerings, continuing its action sports marketing partnerships and announcing additional sponsorships in gaming, music and extreme sports throughout the year.

With the number of gaming users predicted to reach eight million by 2007 (The Yankee Group, 2003), Samsung is well positioned to claim leadership with new devices optimized for the best gaming and entertainment experience. With similar products already launched in other countries, consumers can expect Samsung to bring advanced features, such as 3D gaming, touch screen capabilities and two megapixel cameras to the U.S., as wireless networks continue to be upgraded.

“Samsung introduces non-traditional gamers to the mobile content phenomenon by embedding advanced games, vibrant graphics and robust audio effects in a device they understand and feel comfortable with-their wireless phone,” said Peter Skarzynski, senior vice president of Samsung’s wireless terminals division. “Because Samsung has simplified the form factor and the content procurement process, mobile gamers need not purchase additional devices to stay on top of their game.”

Highly regarded for its design and innovation, Samsung’s latest wireless phones deliver mobile gaming, entertainment content and advanced multimedia capabilities to consumers across all five major wireless carriers. Samsung’s award-winning designs, intuitive interfaces and familiar game controls give consumers an ideal mobile gaming experience:

  • VM-A680, VGA 1000, a600: Integrated cameras, embedded games and advanced downloadable capabilities, combined with the PCS Game Pad, showcase the breadth of Samsung’s design and innovation expertise, offering consumers simple devices with a familiar form factor and an array of features.
  • Samsung PCS Game Pads: Samsung’s ergonomically designed PCS Game Pads transform the VM-A680, VGA 1000 and a600 into mobile gaming units that die-hard gamers will find as familiar as their home gaming console.
  • SGH-d415: The d415 is in a league of its own with a distinctive slide-up design, an astounding 2.2-inch diagonal display, a brilliant range of 262,000 colors and ringers that play 64 tones per note. Whether using the phone’s integrated camera to snap pictures, record 15-second video clips or play the latest downloaded games, users will experience a full blitz of color, sound and advanced technology. (available summer ’04)
  • SGH-x105: Strikingly polished, the x105’s clean design gives users a crisp UFB 65,000-color screen to access games and advanced messaging features such as AOL® Instant Messenger