Sony Ericsson Offers Wireless Printing

From the press release:

Using the HP Wireless Printing for Mobile Phones software application and an HP printer that supports the Bluetooth Basic Print Profile (BPP), Sony Ericsson smartphone users can select and print JPEG photos, email (text and JPEG attachments), short message service (SMS), contacts and calendar items from their phones.

The Sony Ericsson P900 Smartphone is fast becoming the PDA of choice for business people who want the convenience of the latest phone technology and a personal organizer rolled into one easy-to-use and stylish device. The P900 is not just ideal for business communication, it is also packed with fun entertainment features such as QuickShareâ„¢ imaging, video streaming, MP3 music player and the latest mobile games.

Increasing the handset’s functionality by making it compatible with HP’s mobile printing application will further enhance the convenience of the P800 and P900, making it compatible with Bluetooth and BPP-enabled HP printers, such as the new HP Deskjet 450wbt and HP Deskjet 995ck, or to existing HP printers with the new HP bt 1300 Bluetooth Wireless Print Adapter.

“Sony Ericsson is really happy to be able to increase the functionality and convenience of the P800 and P900 by making HP’s mobile phone printing solution available to smartphone users,” said Alvi Haroon Head of Application Planning at Sony Ericsson. “This is an exciting new addition to the wealth of user-friendly applications available through our smartphones and will be much appreciated by users.”

“Printing at home from a personal communication device such as P800 and P900 is a natural extension of what people want to do with digital information. These capabilities will offer greater flexibility and enhance the mobile experience for people on the go,” said Gregg Patterson, Vice President of Solutions and Technology, Consumer Imaging and Printing at HP. “HP’s work with industry leaders such as Sony Ericsson to drive mobile printing will help us to deliver the best possible solutions for customers.”

Existing Sony Ericsson P800 and P900 Smartphone users will be able to download the HP mobile phone printing application software from from the middle of May.