Twitter updates expanded tweets feature, brings more content to feeds

twitterTwitter rolled out more changes to its microblogging site on Wednesday, with the latest tweak allowing media companies to offer a wider range of preview information from within tweets.

Twitter’s product team director Michael Sippey said in a post on the company’s blog that when users expand tweets from a “diverse and growing group” of partner websites, you’ll now be able to see content previews, view images and play videos. Even audio clips, from partner SoundCloud, will begin to show up in expanded tweets. Up to now users of the site have only been able to play YouTube videos or check out Instagram photos through the expanded tweets feature.

Partner sites include the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Breaking News, Time, the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Sippey said the expanded tweets update ensures it’ll be more straightforward than ever to discover breaking news.

“When you expand a tweet linking to a news article… can see a preview with the headline, the introduction and sometimes the Twitter accounts of the publisher and writer. You can continue to read the article, follow these accounts, and reply, favorite or retweet the tweet,” he explained in the post.

So essentially your Twitter timeline will look the same as before, full of tweets of up to 140 characters. It’s just that now you’ll have the option to expand some of those posts in order to get more information.

The changes are already in place on the and sites, with the Twitter mobile apps likely to follow soon.

It’s been a busy month for the San Francisco-based company — in just a couple of weeks it has unveiled a (slightly) different logo, aired its first TV ad, launched new hashtag pages and announced that its mobile ad revenue has for the first time surpassed that of its desktop-based ads.