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Corsair XMS4000 Pro memory reviews

Quote from the review at 3dGameMan.com:

“”The Corsair XMS4000 Pro Dual Channel Memory is rated at 500MHz DDR which equals blistering fast performance and is stable even at levels well beyond its default. Also, this memory stands out from all others currently on the market with LED’s which show memory activity and look great. Watch the Video to find out more…”

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Quote from the review at ipKonfig.com:

“Corsair Memory has been giving the buyer more choices by providing a large variety of memory modules over these past years. This time it has produced something very different to the market, something the market and modder has always dreamed of. With that said here’s the new and improved, mostly for the looks, PC4000 Pro Series memory. There are also some benchmarks within the review that show differences between the standard heat spreaders, and the new high-efficiency heat spreaders Corsair is now using.

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