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Pioneer Debuts DVR-A08 DVD Writer

They will be available in Japan in late July 2004 with the monthly production of 10,000 units, 8,000 units and 8,000 units, respectively. The retail prices are not suggested.

Pioneer’s new DVD writers realise not only the industry-leading write speeds on DVD-R discs, DVD+R DL discs and +R discs, but also provides high-quality recording and high reliability with quiet operation owing to Pioneer-developed eminent technologies which have been further advanced from Pioneer’s previous writers.

The DVR-A08 fully satisfies a wide range of requirements from PC users, such as high productivity, quieter drive, accurate recording and stylised design. The DVR-A08 realises high-speed recording of up to 16X write speed on DVD-R and +R discs by employing Pioneer’s original technology that sets the optimum write strategy for each of used discs. It also records at 4X on DVD-RW or +RW, 32X on CD-R, and 24X on CD-RW discs. In addition, the new writers have an auto write speed selecting function, which automatically optimises the write speed depending on discs’ conditions, which can improve the reliability in recording.

The new DVD writers provide the fast recording to DVD+R DL discs at 4X write speed, making it possible to store the data of 8.5GB in about 25 minutes on DVD-R DL discs (about 45 minutes at 2.4X write speed). It helps users easily and smoothly record or backup a wide range of data, such as moving pictures and a large volume of data. Pioneer’s eminent optical technologies including the Liquid Crystal Tilt/Thickness Compensator have realised this high-quality recording even on double-layer discs. The new writers support the playback of DVD-RAM (Version 2.0 and 2.1 without cartridge), DVD-R, +R and DVD+R DL discs. The new writers, designed for vertically or horizontally mounting, can also be installed in a slim-type PC.

Bundled Software for the DVR-A08 includes: MyDVD (MyDVD is personal authoring software including a wide range of functions from DV capture to DVD write. Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio recording is possible. The VR import function easily edits VR-format data recorded disc on their PCs); RecordNow (DVD/CD-writing software aimed at a wide range of users, from beginners to PC experts. A variety of data recording functions such as ‘quick format’ and ‘multiborder’ are supported); DLA (packet writing software that supports the popular ‘quick format’ and offers an easy, floppy disk-style writing operation with its drag-and-drop function).

Simple Backup (simplifies irritating backup tasks, making it easy to back up important data, including system data); CinePlayer (DVD-Video playback software. It also plays DVD discs recorded in the VR mode. The Video Desktop function plays a movie on the desktop screen); DVD handbook (guidebook in PDF format, which explains how to use the bundled software, easy to understand even for DVD writer beginners); and Performance Adjusting Utility (software allows the users to manually select the disc rotation mode from three modes (Quite, Performance, and Standard) to change the read speed rotation).

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