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SpywareStopper 2.8 review

Quote from the review:

“I have spent some time running this and it has allowed the cookies I specified and blocked everything else. Since I rely heavily on cookies on all my favorite websites, this was a big factor for me. Memory usage has not gone over 18 megabytes, and for me averages 6-12 megabytes. I ran full scans regularly with Spybot and Ad-Aware during this review, to make sure it was doing its job, and so far SpywareStopper has not let a single thing through relating to web surfing. However, it does not seem to protect you from installed programs that may use ads. For example, I was running Flashget and ended up with 55 Cydoor items. To be fair to SpywareStopper, disabling ads in ad supported software typically disables the program, so it may be intentional that these are not blocked. If you are paranoid about spyware, then this is not a problem since you probably do not run ad supported software like Flashget or Opera. The bottom line here is that after five days of running SpywareStopper for 16 hours a day, Ad-Aware and Spybot show my system to be squeaky clean from spyware. SpywareStopper does exactly what it says; it stops spyware from ever entering your system. ”

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