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Hawking Launches Pan/Tilt Network Camera

The new, high performance wired camera expands Hawking’s line of network cameras, which allow users to monitor and secure their homes, offices, and other critical locations from anywhere in the worldusing only a web browser.    The HNC700PT features a CCD image sensor and MPEG4 compression to provide a superior quality picture and streaming video at up to 30 frames persecond. Remote-motion technology can be utilized via web interface or remote control, and allows the camera to pan across 270 degrees, as well as tilt through 90 degrees. Users can scan adesired area from the safety and comfort of a remote location. Built-in motion detection adds an extra measure of security. Included with the camera is a powerful management and control softwareapplication that allows the user to playback video, record directly to the hard drive, operate remote-motion control, and trigger automatic recording by motion detection. A built-in microphonealso enables audio monitoring.       The newnetwork camera features a built-in web server and utilizes its own IP address, thereby eliminating the need to be attached to a PC. The cameras connect directly to an existing Ethernet network,allowing users to view live video both from within their local area network (LAN) or from outside the network via the Internet.    Versatile and full-featured, the HNC700PT offers a broadarray of applications and can be used to monitor various critical locations such as homes, offices, banks, schools, childcare centers, hospitals, and other industrial and public areas. Thenetwork cameras feature web configuration and management, and support a host of Internet related protocols, including TCP/IP networking, SMTP email, HTTP, and FTP. â€œThe HNC700PT is a robust,high performance network camera that delivers cost-effective, easy-to-use security and monitoring capabilities to home and business users,” said Sidd Sinha, product manager at Hawking Technologies.More information can be found at Hawking’s Website. Price and availability information have not yet been released.