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Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9450 VC Intro’d

Royal Philips Electronics is extending its product range with the new Digital Pocket Memo 9450 VC with Voice Command. This dictation device clearly underlines Philips’ ongoing strategy to expand its leadership in the area of digital dictation, helping professionals simply work smarter.

The Digital Pocket Memo 9450 VC with Voice Command is ideal for use in dedicated application and workflow environments. Existing digital dictation benefits are now enhanced by the ability to assign patient/client or work type codes to a dictation by simply speaking them. This unique feature allows fast and convenient marking of dictation files for better identification, transcription and archiving later in the workflow process. In addition, several features based on end-user requirements have been incorporated. These make dictation and document processing easier, more efficient and convenient.

The Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9450 VC with Voice Command is the first and only handheld professional digital dictation recorder to offer integrated Voice Command functionality. The 9450 VC recognizes work type codes or patient/case ID numbers spoken by the author and stores them in the file header. This information is immediately fed back to the user via the clear large characters on the display. It facilitates dictation identification and processing and is ideal for use while on the move.

Speaking a work type or patient/client number is easier, faster and more natural than entering it manually via the jog dial. It is possible to assign up to five different ID numbers to a dictation file. Each number may be up to 15 characters long. For authors who merely need to distinguish dictation files by work type codes and not on an individual patient/client level, it is possible to assign two different work codes such as ‘letter’, ‘memo’, ‘diagnosis’ or ‘report’ from a user-defined selection of different work types. Clearly identified spoken files can be downloaded to a PC, network or the Internet, facilitating processing with increased convenience and security.

“The Digital Pocket Memo 9450 VC with Voice Commands is Philips’ next step in our ongoing efforts to help business professionals ‘simply work smarter,’ adds Victor Aquina, General Manager of Philips Dictation Systems. “Market data shows that in the USA over 50% of dictating professionals ‘went digital’ last year, discovering the benefits of using a scalable solution, which slots perfectly into existing IT-systems. Digital dictation speeds up workflow substantially, without the need to learn new skills, while cutting costs. This new product is perfect for boosting the expanding digital dictation market, which is growing at 20% per annum, even further.”

The Digital Pocket Memo 9450 VC with Voice Commands is being made available via Philips integration partners who create professional document workflow solutions with digital dictation facilities. Now they can add a seamlessly integrated input device. Besides well-known features such as the ergonomic 4-position switch, the new model offers even more features that allows people to work smarter:

— The Digital Pocket Memo 9450 VC powers and recharges via USB when connected to a PC. Perfect for use on the road with notebooks – no need to carry an extra power supply.

— Using the PC Download Software, the storage mode may be changed, allowing recording in a linear, ‘tape-based’ style, so users migrating from analog to digital needn’t change their working habits.

— A recording beep can be activated for ‘recording in progress’ notification allowing intuitive operation without looking at the display.

— A 32 MB memory card is included, for over five hours of recording in high-quality SP DSS-format, the de-facto industry standard for digital dictation recording.

— The optional docking station LFH 9110 works as a download/upload station as well as a fast battery-recharging unit.

— It is ready for the unique click-on barcode scanner module Philips LFH 9284 -ideal wherever barcodes are used in the workflow process.

— Centrally triggered remote firmware upgrade is supported for future product enhancements. The firmware of the 9450 VC installed in a network can be remotely upgraded, greatly facilitating enterprise-wide maintenance.

The current range of Digital Pocket Memos, comprising models 9220, 9250 9350, 9400i and 9450 VC, offer the familiar benefits of digital dictation and network integration, along with new features.