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Umax announces new PowerLook scanners

The PowerLook 1000 is the ideal scanner for the graphic, publishing, production, catalog design, and photography markets.

The PowerLook 1000 features FireWire (IEEE-1394) and USB interfaces, providing fast scans and easy connectivity. The 42-bit color depth allows for billions of colors to be reproduced in the image. The pre-focus system automatically calibrates the focus when starting the scanner to provide sharp scans. The PowerLook 1000 is packaged with software titles for a variety of market-specific bundles, including LaserSoft Imaging’s SilverFast Ai 6.0 with IT8 Calibration Targets (one reflective 5″x7″ and one transmissive 4″x5″ calibration target).

The PowerLook 1120 features a high optical density and is equipped with a multisampling function, which reduces image noise and increases the density range. The PowerLook 1120 features Macintosh Peer-to-Peer communication, allowing two or more computers to share the same scanner when they are daisy-chained together via FireWire bus. The hot-pluggability feature allows users to connect or disconnect the scanner without having restart the entire system.

The PowerLook 1120 offers solid construction along with extensive software options to meet the needs of professional and semi-professional customers. By choosing, in MagicScan, High Density or in SilverFast, Multisampling, the CCD-array will recapture image data at the same position, saving the data in a buffer before moving to the next position. The saved image information is then combined to produce the resulting image, which displays reduced noise and improved fine details even in the darkest area.