DT Deals: Knock $43 bucks off some stylish Bluetooth headphones

DT Deals MEElectronics bluetooth headphones

Sure, Dr. Dre’s Beats Audio headphones may look cool, but it’s not the most affordable thing on the market. Besides, if we had an expendable $300, it’d all go right to our mothers dearest this upcoming Mother’s Day. To to save a little cash, we’re offering this stylish Bluetooth headphone set for a fraction of what Beats cost. Today’s DT Deals is the wireless MEElectronics Bluetooth headphones with soft paddings to keep your ears comfortable while the music’s blasting. The foldable design also makes it great to carry around town no matter where you’re headed. At $57, that’s 43 percent off the retail value of $100.

These headphones come in your choice of blue, white/grey, or black/red so choose your favorite. Charging time is four hours for a music playing time of nearly 12 hours. Again, that’s just $57 – available until next week or while supplies last.