AMD introduces 64-bit Opteron

IBM joined AMD at a New York City launch event to announce its plans to offer a server product for high-performance computing based on the AMD Opteron processor. At the same event, Microsoftreiterated its commitment to developing a 64-bit operating system for the processor, with a beta version available in mid-2003.

The AMD Opteron processor for servers and workstations, which extends the x86 instruction set architecture (ISA) to 64-bit computing for the first time, is also the first processor in a new class ofcomputing called AMD64. AMD64 directly follows the evolutionary path of the industry-standard x86 ISA, allowing development of a unified 64-bit computing infrastructure fully compatible with thepervasive x86 architecture. The AMD Opteron processor helps eliminate barriers to 64-bit computing by simplifying the transition between current and future generations of software.

“The AMD Opteron processor is the world’s first processor to eliminate barriers to 64-bit computing and accelerate the transition to a pervasive 64-bit environment,” said Hector Ruiz, president andchief executive officer of AMD. “Starting today, businesses of all sizes can leverage their substantial 32-bit investments as they migrate seamlessly – when and how they choose – to the superiorprocessing power of 64-bit computing. The AMD Opteron processor gives customers the freedom to choose and use both, for the first time, to simplify business and build a future that leaves noenterprise behind.”

AMD64 technology allows customers to protect their investments by continuing to use all their 32-bit software until they decide to implement new, 64-bit software. Because the existing and newsoftware can run side-by-side, computer systems based on AMD64 create the foundation of the industry’s first unified 32- and 64-bit information technology infrastructure.

“AMD designed the AMD Opteron processor to provide enterprise customers with simple x86-based 64-bit server solutions that are robust, compatible, reliable, and stable,” said Vernon Turner, groupvice president of Global Enterprise Server Solutions at IDC. “By innovating along the evolutionary path of pervasive x86 standards, AMD is making it easier for customers to migrate to 64-bitcomputing.”

Industry leaders, analysts and media from around the world attended today’s AMD launch event in New York City. Several luminaries, customers and end users joined Ruiz live and by video. Amongindividuals and companies supporting the AMD Opteron processor were Fujitsu Siemens Computers, LucasFilm’s JAK Films, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, the first global OEM to build systems based on the AMDOpteron processor.

“Like AMD, Microsoft is in the business of maximizing value for our customers,” said Brian Valentine, senior vice president of the Windows® Division at Microsoft. “The 64-bit Windows platform onplatforms like AMD64 will drive even greater cost efficiencies and productivity improvements for customers who need unmatched power and scalability.”

“The most powerful benefit of the AMD Opteron technology is the promise to protect an enormously valuable investment in existing 32-bit applications while providing the ability to smoothly extendinto the 64-bit world,” said Bill Zeitler, senior vice president and group executive, IBM Systems Group. “We see customer demand for a solution like this, particularly in high performance computing,and we are happy to be working with AMD in addressing it.”

“AMD is the first company to introduce a performance-leading 64-bit processor compatible with virtually the entire installed based of computer technology,” said Marty Seyer, vice president andgeneral manager of AMD’s Microprocessor Business Unit. “The AMD Opteron processor introduces simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing based on industry standards to improve flexibility, scalability,reliability and security. 64-bit computing is no longer a dilemma – it is an opportunity. For the enterprise market, there is no better choice.”

The AMD Opteron processor is the highest performing 2P and 4P server processor, according to industry-standard benchmarks. In TPC-C benchmark tests, considered among the most important for servers,the AMD Opteron processor achieved performance up to 14% greater than competing 32-bit server processors. On the important Internet-related performance benchmark SPECweb99, the AMD Opteron processorModel 844 is the first computer processor in the world to break the 10,000 score.

AMD Opteron processor Models 240, 242 and 244 for up to 2-way servers are available now. AMD Opteron processors in the 800 series for up to 8-way servers will be available later in this quarter. AMDexpects that AMD Opteron processors in the 100 series for 1-way servers will be available in 3Q03. Prices for the 200 series of the AMD Opteron processor start at $283 each in lots of 1,000. Moreinformation is available on the AMD web site,