GameCrush goes live, still creepy

gamecrush goes live still creepy screen

Are you willing to pay $.60 per minute to play Halo: Reach with a real life lady? If not, there might still be hope for humanity. If you are, then the GameCrush service is for you, and the site is now officially out of beta.

If you are not incredibly lonely, then you might not remember the debut of GameCrush which began its initial beta testing back on March 30. The idea was simple: to create a product that would appeal to sad and lonely gamers with cash to spare, then pair them with women that they will almost certainly never meet in real life. That isn’t specifically stated on the company’s website, but it’s probably implied.

When you sign up and select your “PlayDate”, you then choose the game you wish to play. The site itself offers a handful of casual flash-based games, such as battleship, checkers and pool, but most members can be found on consoles like the Xbox 360. Each PlayDate will list the games they have in their library- whether it is Halo: Reach, Gears of War, Call of Duty, etc., you can then request that your date play that game with you over Xbox Live. While paying $.60 per minute. A live video and audio chat remains active throughout the session.

Both women and men can sign up for the service to be a PlayDate, but women’s profiles seem to outweigh the mens’ profiles by at least 10 to 1.

gamecrush goes live still creepy

When you sign up, you can choose the “zone” you wish. The Arcade is described as “nice and chill”, and tailors to people looking to play just for fun. The Academy is for gamers who wish to receive tips and pointers from their PlayDate. The Arena is for players looking for serious competition, and the Edge is, according to the website, “Not for the faint of heart”, and says “This could get interesting”, meaning that this is where the sections that were originally known as “dirty” and “flirty” were moved to. While this might sound like a video game-based sex site, it is not. At least according to GameCrush.

“GameCrush is not a sex site. PlayDates are prohibited from advertising or promising sexual content during game sessions or otherwise. It is a good idea to set expectations before starting a gaming session as to what sort of interaction you are interested in. Remember PlayDates are real people with different personalities and gaming styles so please play nice! Players who have been reported as harassing, abusive or threatening may have their account suspended.”

This obviously lawyer-approved quote seems to be somewhat at odds with the picture of the PlayDate who is naked while covering her breasts, the numerous pictures of women in their underwear, and the charming names that occasionally pop up, like “Naughtynymph69”, or “Dirtycumslut”.

The website also claims that it does not monitor what goes on between players. The PlayDates can earn up to $20 an hour, and repeat business will be crucial to the women. So basically it is like the JV of a sex chat hotline.  A farm system for the sex industry’s amateur workers and customers.

GameCrush is in no way a dating service, of which there are plenty that are specifically geared towards geeks and gamers. Instead it is a thinly veiled sex line that will charge, and charge heavily, for lonely gamers to hear the comforting sound of a woman’s voice. Without the costs, this might be a good way to bring people together. With it, those lonely nights of gaming just got very expensive.