Google Makes Gmail More Social with ‘Google Buzz’

google-buzzGoogle is currently hosting a press conference at its Mountain View headquarters to unveil its “Google Buzz,” a Gmail feature that makes the service more social. And just when we thought the Web couldn’t get any more social networking sites—thanks Google. Google Buzz let’s Gmailers write status updates that can be seen and followed by other Gmail users. Google Buzz also lets users post links, videos [from YouTube, of course] and photos from Google’s Picasa service—kind of like Facebook, but not as irritating [hopefully]. Google says people will be able to link their ‘Buzz’ to their Flickr and Twitter accounts as well—although Facebook is not available to linking to the new service yet.

Google is doing what it does best—organizing information. Google’s providing what most social networking sites already do, which is offer an up-to-date outlet for socializing and media sharing, but now it’s pairing it with email service and and making it “neater.” Oh yes, there is a method to Google’s madness: the company says that there will be far more organization and direction with the “buzz” you receive, making it more relevant and personalized for the Gmail user. Google also mentioned that you can also block followers and share privately, using Google’s lovely security controls.

“The stream of messages has become a torrent,” says Bradley Horowitz, Vice President of product management at Google. “There is no way to parse that amount of information that ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime. We think this has become a Google-scale problem.”

Google says its Google Buzz will also be available on Android-powered smartphones and the iPhone [awkward] allowing for real-time updates to your feed that will show up on a new version of Google’s mobile maps. Currently, Google Buzz will only appear as an option to just a handful of Gmail users today, but this week the new feature will roll out to all Gmail account holders.

If you want to keep up with the Google press conference, check out CNET’s live blog of the event happenings.