Powerline Connectivity Integrated Into PC’s

By embedding Intellon’s ICs into the power supplies, the new desktop PC platforms use a single power cord to provide both power and reliable whole-house connectivity.

Known as imedia and ixtreme, the new PCs are true media centers designed for today’s popular uses, such as digital entertainment, audio and data communications. With powerline networking built-in to these new PC platforms, imedia and ixtreme users can add the PCs to a home network by simply plugging them into any existing electrical outlet and experience whole-house connectivity in a matter of seconds. Additional products in the home can be connected to the new networking infrastructure instantly by simply plugging in to Packard Bell’s Net2Plug adapters. The new imedia and ixtreme PC platforms will be available in Europe later this summer.

Intellon’s HomePlug standard technology delivers high-speed networking over existing home power lines. The company’s products enable imedia and ixtreme users to securely transfer Internet and digital entertainment content at speeds up to 14 megabits per second (Mbps).

“Packard Bell is a supporter of powerline home networking technology because it offers reliable connectivity, limitless coverage area, and increased security,” said Louis Perrin, product marketing director, consumer division, Packard Bell. “Intellon is a pioneer and the leader in this arena, so it’s a natural decision to select their ICs. We have already worked with Intellon to develop an entire product line embedded with powerline technology including our new Digital Media Adapter (Medi@TV) and network powerplugs (net2plug).”

Powerline connectivity offers greater flexibility and convenience because the number of power outlets in a home greatly exceeds the number of telephone jacks and cable connections. Therefore, it does not require the users to run new wires or cables.

“As the digital home emerges, consumers need new levels of home connectivity and PC/CE convergence,” said Cameron McCaskill, Intellon’s vice president, sales and business development. “We are proud to partner with Packard Bell to develop the world’s first desktop PC with built-in powerline connectivity, providing consumers with the ability to simply plug in their computer for whole-house networking. The selection of Intellon’s HomePlug technology for imedia and ixtreme and the decision to develop a complete family of powerline embedded products further validates the fact that powerline connectivity truly is the simplest, most reliable way to network devices in the home. We look forward to continuing to work with Packard Bell to enhance their customers’ digital home experience.”