Switch To Mars Time Gives Advantage

Perhaps their clocks were already messed up and they thought it was April, but Roku Labs has posted a humorous press release on their site. The statement says that Roku has switched to Mars time, which will provide them with an “extra 39 minutes” per day.

We have to give credit to them for being a company that seems to have fun. It is important to work in an environment you enjoy and if this press release is any indication of their attitude, it would seem to be an enjoyable place to work.

Here is the whole press release from Roku’s site. Don’t miss the “legal disclaimer” on the bottom.

Roku Announces Switch to Mars Time
Strategic Move Will Add 39 Minutes to Each Roku Day, Giving Company Advantage

Palo Alto, CA Feb 6 , 2004 – In a step designed to further propel Roku to yet even higher heights, the company announced today that effective immediately all employees are switching to Mars Time. The planet Mars has an extra 39 minutes each day compared to Earth’s so-called “standard” 24-hour clock. With these extra 39 minutes, Roku engineers can write more code and add more capacitors to schematics. Roku’s marketing team will use the extra time to run more ads, issue more press releases, and take more orders.

Major Competitive Advantage
“While the competition sleeps, Roku rocks!,” said Anthony Wood, Roku founder and CEO. “I’m often asked how we expect to compete with the likes of Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Panasonic, and Gateway. Well, now the answer is clear, we have 39 minutes a day that they don’t have!”

Business Process Patent
Roku has filed for a “business process patent” to protect its intellectual property in this important strategic area. Such patents, like Amazon’s “one-click buy” patent, are known in the industry as effective tools to combat blatant idea stealing. When asked if NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover team is in violation of this patent, Roku’s CEO and founder would only say “Our intellectual property in this area is clear. We hope NASA will ‘do the right thing.’ Roku plans to vigorously assert its intellectual property rights using all avenues afforded to it by the U.S. Federal Government and Court System.”

Extended Sales Cycle
Not only does this brilliant strategic move enhance Roku’s productivity, but it will also boost sales. The global market has already resulted in an around-the-clock buying cycle for Roku’s products online. This new move will extend that cycle for an extra 39 minutes a day. Roku will be taking orders for almost a whole hour longer per day than its competitors on the Earth’s shorter 24-hour clock.

All Roku employees will be issued Mars Time watches, to help them stay on track. Although this step has been widely applauded as a prudent move, given the fact that engineers schedules seem to advance about 39 minutes a day in the normal course, the watches are strictly redundant.

Licensing Terms
Roku has also announced the creation of the “Mars Time Licensing Program” along with the “Mars Logo Program.” Both the IP license and authorization for use of the Official Roku Mars Logo are available on the low terms of $0.15 per extra minute licensed. Roku software is also available for licensing on reasonable terms, including a flash file system.

About Roku
Roku is a privately held consumer electronics company located in Palo Alto, Calif., and founded by Anthony Wood, the inventor of the digital video recorder (DVR). Roku designs sleek digital media products that maximize the digital home entertainment experience. Roku’s award-winning products include the Roku HD1000 high-definition digital media player for HDTV and the Roku SoundBridge network music player. Based on open platforms, Roku’s digital media products create new opportunities for developers to broaden the ways consumers enjoy digital home entertainment.

The lawyers made me say this: some words in this press release, while not in themselves false, when combined in certain sequences such as those in this press release, are false. Notwithstanding the prior statements by the Company, Roku employees are very proud of NASA and love Spirit and Opportunity.