B&W Unveils ‘Mini Theater’ Sets

B&W’s Mini Theater concept begins with a new, compact satellite design, the M1, with dedicated floor-stands and wall-mounts that feature integrated, all but invisible cable management. Thetwo-way M1, combined with one of three different B&W subwoofers, forms a trio of multi-channel loudspeakers.

Mini Theater’s versatility rests on an the M1 satellite speaker. This unique design begins with an curved cabinet formed of two pieces: a cast-aluminum back-and-sides, and a glass-loaded compositebaffle-top-bottom. The result is a form that is rigid and non-resonant, with appropriate internal volume promoting true, extended response.

The M1 tweeter is an new variant of the B&W 1-inch metal dome driver, with Nautilus-inspired tapered-tube loading that helps eliminate coloration, and provide extended response. The 4-inchbass/midrange unit uses a woven-glass-fiber diaphragm with four resin-filled slots to eliminate internal reflections, for enhanced clarity and dynamic.

The M1 is supplied with an elegant “table plinth” stand that adapts to vertical or horizontal placement; an optional dedicated floor stand is also available, as is a simple, yet attractive wall-mountbracket. In all three cases, cabling enters the speaker via the stand or bracket, permitting the speaker to integrate smoothly into room décor without the distraction of obvious wiring.

While the M1 satellite is available in singles or pairs, B&W offers three Mini Theater system options, each matched to a B&W subwoofer that complements the M1 in both compactness andperformance. The Mini Theater 10 combines a quintet of M1s, for front, center, and surround-channel playback, with B&W’s compact AS1 sub. Though just 15 inches deep, this powerhouse is capable ofproviding a solid and dynamic bass foundation.

For more demanding installations, The Mini Theater 20 incorporates the AS2 subwoofer, a slightly larger and more powerful bottom-end solution whose 10-inch driver and 150-watt (continuous) on-boardamp ideally suit it to large-room movie-and-music performance.

Lastly, the Mini Theater 30 matches the M1 quintet to B&W’s unique PV1 subwoofer. This spheroid sub combines dual 8-inch drivers, 500 watts of amplification and innovative engineering withdrop-dead looks for an unmatched combo of bass extension (18 Hz!) and power and engaging aesthetics.

The new B&W M1 will be available in January, at a manufacturer’s suggested price of $200 ea. The AS1 and AS2 subwoofers are available now, at suggested prices of $250 and $499 respectively. ThePV1 subwoofer is also available now, at a manufacturer’s suggested price of $1,500.