New Pioneer plasma and projection TV’s

This includes, the PRO-1000HDI, PRO-800HDI, PRO-730HDI, and PRO-530HDI.  These four Elite displays round out a total of eightPioneer high definition displays currently offering HDMI connectivity.

Incorporating HDMI provides significant advantages to consumers, especially with the elimination of multiple analog connections for both video and audio.  The new connection will allow an uncompressed high definition video signal and a multi-channel audio signal to be passed through a single cable.  HDMI assures that the best video signal is always sent from source to display.

“The high-bandwidth capabilities of an HDMI connection enables Pioneer to make the leap to next generation high-definition and high-resolution audio and video playback and recording devices,” said Russ Johnston, senior vice president of marketing for home entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “This solution provides custom installers and system integrators an easy way to confidently run longer cables from source to display, without fear of losing signal quality.”

PRO-1000HDI and PRO-800HDI

The PRO-1000HDI (50-inch) and PRO-800HDI (43-inch) plasmas are true native XGA (PRO-1000HDI is WXGA) displays. These high-definition compatible panels, have a native resolution of 768p and offer four screen modes to handle various formats including 4:3, zoom, full screen (16:9) and wide (expanded 16:9). Their screens are perfectly flat, flicker free and have a viewable angle of more than 160 degrees horizontally and vertically.  The PRO-1000HDI is 4-1/8 inches deep and weighs approximately 100 pounds while the PRO-800HDI is less than four inches thin and, weighs just under 85 pounds, allowing both displays to be wall-mounted or set on a table stand.

PRO-530HDI and PRO-730HDI

Technologies in the PRO-730HDI (64-inch) and PRO-530HDI (53-inch) projection televisions include: ISF Calibration Mode, PureCinema IIITM film detection a five element lens system with an achromatic lens on the blue gun, and Reference Theater Mode, and Pro Mode. All models are built with a 16:9 aspect ratio to maintain compatibility with today’s video sources.  They also feature five different NTSC screen mode settings. Although these televisions share many of the same features and modes as the 2002 models, Pioneer has added an ISF calibration mode.

ISF calibration mode is a color calibration procedure designed by and licensed from the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF). This capability allows advanced color calibration to be integrated into a high definition display with never before achieved simplicity and reliability.

The PRO-1000HDI, PRO-800HDI, PRO-730HDI, and PRO-530HDI will be available in the winter with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $14,500, $10,500, $7,000, and $5,000 respectively.