Philips adds Pixel Plus to Flat TV lineup

The result is amazingly sharp pictures with clear and natural detail for all types of input, from normal TV images and VCRs to DVD. With this technology, Philips has set the new industry-referencepicture quality standard. Philips’ excellence in picture quality was rewarded by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) by winning the prestigious “European TV of the year award 2002-2003″for its TVs with Pixel Plus technology.

Philips is now also including this technology in its Flat TV range, starting with the 32 inch, 42 inch and 50 inch models. Pixel Plus technology has already been introduced in Philips’ top-of-the-line Widescreen Matchline Series, the 28, 32 and 36 inch models, as the effects of Pixel Plus are most visible on wider screens. Thanks to the wide range of models in which Pixel Plus is now available and Philips’ broad distribution coverage, sets with Pixel Plus technology are now available in 98% of the consumer electronics outlets in Europe.

Best-on-market picture quality
Pixel Plus technology is completely transforming the way consumers view television. Imagine looking out of a window on a winter afternoon, watching the snowflakes fall gently to the ground, being able to see each flake drift quietly across the sky. Then watching a similar scene on a Flat TV experiencing the same texture of the snowflakes that you saw through the window. Pixel Plus technology provides this incredibly real experience. The Dual Screen function which is fitted to all Philips’ Flat TV sets with Pixel Plus clearly demonstrates the benefits of this technology by displaying standard and Pixel Plus images next to each other, allowing consumers to see at-a-glance how effective this technology is.

“By including Pixel Plus technology in our line of Flat TV systems, we enable consumers to enjoy the latest in design with one of the best images available”, says Thijs Linthorst, Senior Marketing Manager TV Europe. “You will be amazed once you watch programming with Pixel Plus technology. It will change the way you watch television forever.”

An enhanced viewing experience
Philips Pixel Plus is an advanced digital picture processing technology:  from a standard  PAL/SECAM or NTSC source, it creates a world-beating picture quality of up to 2048 pixels per line and 1250 lines in total. Philips Pixel Plus technology does more than adding pixels, it also makes the pixels better – more sophisticated – resulting in breathtaking sharp and natural picture. The extra detail of Pixel Plus also improves the distinction between foreground and background, and so increases the perceived picture depth. There is a clear difference for both still and moving images.

Pixel Plus processes incoming TV signals with advanced motion compensation techniques, correcting the reproduction of movement in the picture (Pixel Plus combines uniquely with Philips’ industry-reference Digital Natural Motion system). The effects of motion compensation are most noticeable with feature movies, which intrinsically have notoriously juddery motion when shown on TV. The end result is smooth movement reproduction of moving objects on-screen.

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