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Google’s LG smartwatch coming in June, say latest rumors

googles lg smartwatch coming june say latest rumors google lego
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If you like nothing better than a good batch of Google smartwatch rumors you’re in luck, because there are plenty spilling out this weekend. First to serial tipster @evleaks, who says LG is partnering with Google in manufacturing the device and says it will launch at the Google I/O conference at the end of June.

Both of these predictions make sense: LG was responsible for both the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5, while the annual I/O event is the perfect showcase for Google to parade its new wares. Whispers from the tech circuit suggest that Google Glass might be fully launched  at the same event. At the moment, you need to sign up for the Glass Explorer Program and be selected by Google to get your hands on one of the $1,500 wearables.

TechCrunch has also been sniffing around the Google smartwatch: the date it gives for shipping is late March, although according to the site “many members of the smartwatch team” think this date will slip back to June and the Google I/O developer conference. TechCrunch says the prototypes that have been built so far are locked away deep within Google headquarters.

An early model of the Google smartwatch had a square face, a metal strap and a colorful digital display with a gradient background if the inside sources are to be believed. Apparently the latest prototype has a plastic strap and an LCD screen for displaying your notifications.

TechCrunch also says the watch will connect via Bluetooth to your Android phone, which is to be expected, and will be driven by swipes and taps rather than physical buttons. We’ll have to wait and see how on the money these rumors are, but it seems certain that the Google smartwatch is real and heading our way. Check out this comprehensive smartwatch guide for more details on the models in production, and our previous round-up of Google smartwatch rumors from earlier in the month.

[Image: Cory Doctorow / Flickr ]

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