Top 2010 Digital Camera and Camcorder Trends

top 2010 digital camera and camcorder trends sony alpha conceptSay “cheese!” Now that the year’s major digital photography trade shows are over, we have an excellent idea of the coolest gear and the hottest trends in cameras and camcorders expected to steal the spotlight in 2010. No matter whether you consider yourself a casual shutterbug or professional paparazzi, here’s what you can anticipate from the coming year in digital imagery, as well as several reasons the coming months are bound to be filled with flashing lights and huge grins:

top 2010 digital camera and camcorder trends samsung nx10

Samsung NX10

A New Breed of Digital Camera

The biggest news out of PMA was Sony’s announcement of a “DSLR Lite,” a new compact camera with interchangeable lenses and a large APS-C sized CMOS sensor. This type of camera will have a traditional DSLR’s fast response times, solid photo quality, and range of lens flexibility, plus it’ll take AVCHD videos. Since it doesn’t have a mirror assembly, it will be much smaller, lighter and easier to carry around, however. Similar in theory to the Micro Four Thirds cameras from Panasonic and Olympus as well as Samsung’s new NX10—which also uses an APS-C CMOS imaging device – expect this category to be white hot in 2010. Sony gave few additional specifics other than that the new camera would arrive this calendar year. A big blow-out at the Photokina trade show in Germany this September seems likely. Stay tuned…

top 2010 digital camera and camcorder trends canon eos rebel t2i

Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Less Equals More

Good news for those sick of increasingly ridiculous marketing hype: Manufacturers have stopped cramming point-and-shoots with even more megapixels. You won’t find any compact digicams with more than 14 megapixels here shortly, which is more than enough for most shooters. DSLRs with their heftier prices and larger sensors peak at 24.6MP, but no new models were otherwise introduced at the two shows. Granted, industry and DSLR giant Canon wasn’t at PMA, but did introduce the Rebel T2i (due March) before the show. It’s an $899 18MP DSLR that shoots 3.7 fps and captures HD video. But mostly, expect more DSLRs later this year–especially around Photokina.

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